How much money has Wonder Woman made so far?

How much money has Wonder Woman made so far?

If you’ve been following the film’s box office numbers, you’ll know that it’s been making some serious coin. Since hitting $100 million in the first weekend alone, Wonder Woman has gone on to earn more than a half a billion dollars worldwide and has surpassed more than a few male-driven superhero movies. In fact, we decided to run some numbers.

How much money did the movie Catwoman make?

Catwoman is a film that took the source material and threw it out the window, hoping to rely on Halle Berry’s name to put butts in seats. It did not do so. US: $40,202,379 (Adjusted for Inflation: $51,298,576) Worldwide total: $82,102,379 (Adjusted for Inflation: $104,763,331)

How much money did Supergirl make at the box office?

Many people forget that after Superman III, Supergirl got her shot at the big screen. US: $14,296,438 (Adjusted for Inflation: $33,166,360) Supergirl was only released domestically. Based on the animated series, Teen Titans Go’s first feature-length film didn’t make a huge splash at the box office. Worldwide total: $52,090,236

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What are some gross things that couples do?

And that’s not even touching on all the gross stuff that couples do that doesn’t involve swapping any bacteria, but does involve being wildly foul —like sharing toothbrushes, pooping with the door open, or picking a stray piece of broccoli out of their teeth.

Yes, the film has become last year’s biggest streaming title, almost by default, which makes sense since it was expected to be 2020’s biggest domestic grosser. The $200 million, Patty Jenkins-directed DC Films superhero sequel, again starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, has earned $102 million worldwide thus far.

Which is the fourth DC movie to earn more than 1 billion?

Joker will be the fourth Warner Bros. DC movie to earn more than $1 billion in global box office, behind The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and Aquaman.

How much money is out there in the world?

So How Much Money Is Out There? As of January 31, 2019, there was nearly US $1.7 trillion in circulation, including Federal Reserve notes, coins, and currency no longer issued.