How much money did the movie Frailty make?

How much money did the movie Frailty make?

Frailty grossed $13,110,448 at the box office in North America, and $4,312,582 at foreign theaters, for a worldwide total of $17,423,030. ^ “Frailty”. Archived from the original on 2018-12-17.

What was the plot of the movie Frailty?

It marks Paxton’s directorial debut. The plot focuses on the strange relationship between two young boys and their fanatically religious father, who believes that he has been commanded by God to kill demons disguised as people.

Who is the FBI agent in the movie Frailty?

Fenton Meiks ( Matthew McConaughey) visits FBI Agent Wesley Doyle ( Powers Boothe) claiming that his brother Adam is the culprit in the “God’s Hand” serial killings. Fenton says Adam has committed suicide, prompting Fenton to fulfill a promise to bury his brother in a public rose garden in their hometown of Thurman.

How did Adam die in the movie Frailty?

Flashbacks reveal that Adam did in fact share his father’s visions of the crimes of those they abducted, who were indeed demons. When Adam touches Doyle, a vision reveals that Doyle murdered his mother – he was on Adam’s list. Adam kills him in a prepared grave as part of a long scheme to get him there.

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How much money did the Phantom Menace make?

Phantom Menace is the third biggest Star Wars money maker with almost $1.5 billion. Adjusted for inflation, the movie made almost $700 million domestically and $576 million in rentals on a budget of $165 million.

Which is the top grossing movie in the world?

This table lists the top-grossing movie for each year, based on tickets sold for each movie during the course of the year. Click on the year to see a detailed breakdown for the market as a whole in that year. Star Wars Ep. I: The Phantom Menace Our Theatrical Market pages are based on the Domestic Theatrical Market performance only.