How much money did the Love Guru lose?

How much money did the Love Guru lose?

Look, it’s bad enough for the career of Mike Myers that The Love Guru lost the weekend box-office battle to Steve Carell and Get Smart, but look at these numbers: Get Smart took in $39.1 million to Love Guru’s $14 million. That’s a beating, mister.

Did the Love Guru lose money?

The film was a financial flop and was universally panned by critics. The Guru Pitka (Mike Myers) is tasked with revitalizing the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. The team has been plagued with losses and their star player suffers a marital tragedy that throws him off his game….

The Love Guru
Box office $40.9 million

Why did the Love Guru flop?

We Ask The Guru Himself, Deepak Chopra. “The Love Guru” didn’t bomb because of Justin Timberlake. It didn’t bomb because Mike Myers waited too long after the last installment of “Austin Powers” to become one with the cultural zeitgeist. It bombed, says Deepak Chopra, because Myers got too mired in gross-out jokes.

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Did Love Guru ruin Mike Myers career?

The Love Guru killed more than just Mike Myers’ career Despite all that star power, the movie flopped hard. Against a budget of $62 million (which doesn’t count the cost of advertising), the movie only brought in a worldwide gross of $40 million and change.

How long is the movie The Love Guru?

This is information we learn early on in the film (after Pitka serenades us with a Bollywood-style musical number of Dolly Parton’s Nine to Five during the opening credits), and I pretty much knew right there that The Love Guru was going to be a very long 90 minutes. The movie makes a grave miscalculation with its lead character.

Who is the lead character in the Love Guru?

The movie makes a grave miscalculation with its lead character. Guru Pitka is not funny or likable. It’s simply Myers talking in a funny accent, and coming up with as many alternate ways for saying “penis” as he can without losing the film’s PG-13 rating.

Are there any jokes in the Love Guru?

The Love Guru uses a tried, but true, comedy formula and rarely strays from it. However; some of the off-the-wall jokes will have you laughing your face off, and will keep returning to your mind, making you laugh days after you watched the film.

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What was the box office average for GVK?

GvK didn’t stop there, it also posted the largest opening weekend average of the pandemic surpassing the $7,764 for WW84. Overall it accounted for a whopping 73% of all ticket sales for the top ten movies this weekend.