How much money did The Golden Compass?

How much money did The Golden Compass?

While The Golden Compass did underperform in the US with only $70.1 million, it performed strongly overseas with $302.1 million. The movie’s overall gross of $372.2 million made it the 13th biggest movie of 2007 and could well have led to a sequel, despite its costly budget of $180 million.

Was The Golden Compass a flop?

Although The Golden Compass has gone down in the history books as a flop, let’s not forget that it was the second-highest grossing non-sequel of 2007 in the UK.

How many copies of The Golden Compass have been sold?

18 million copies
The books have been translated into dozens of languages and have sold around 18 million copies worldwide. “The Golden Compass” was adapted into a 2007 movie starring Nicole Kidman, after a difficult development process.

When did the movie The Golden Compass come out?

The film premiered in London on November 27, 2007, and was released on December 5, 2007, in British cinemas by Entertainment Film Distributors and released on December 7, 2007, in American cinemas by New Line Cinema.

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How are the reviews for the Golden Compass?

Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 42% approval rating based on 194 reviews, with an average score of 5.61/10. The critical consensus reads: “Without the bite or the controversy of the source material, The Golden Compass is reduced to impressive visuals overcompensating for lax storytelling.”.

What was the main theme of the Golden Compass?

Lyra joins a tribe of seafarers on a trip to the far North, the land of the armoured polar bears, in search of the missing children. Before its release, the film received criticism from many quarters, chiefly secularist organisations, for the omitting of criticisms of religions: the central theme of His Dark Materials.

Who are the Gobblers in the Golden Compass?

The Golden Compass (film) Children in that universe are being kidnapped by an unknown group called the Gobblers who are supported by the Magisterium. Lyra joins a tribe of sea-farers on a trip to the far North, the land of the armoured polar bears, in search of the missing children.