How much money did the Femme Fatale Tour make?

How much money did the Femme Fatale Tour make?

Worldwide, the Femme Fatale Tour was the eleventh highest-grossing tour of 2011, with a gross of $68.7 million. 697,957 fans attended the shows worldwide, with an average attendance of 8,724, paying an average of $98.43.

What kind of Woman is a femme fatale?

A general maneater? Or is a “femme fatale” simply any woman with power and a plan? The Hollywood film noir has immortalized the femme fatale as a sexy character archetype, a lady who lures men into deadly plots with her mix of great beauty and bad intentions.

What did Juana do to become a femme fatale?

Soon after, she joined the Peruvian resistance force that wished to liberate Alto Peru from Spain. In 1914, when Juana and her family took refuge from the Spanish army in Segura Valley, all four of her children died from illness and dehydration.

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Who was the first Queen of England to be a femme fatale?

From the first Queen of England to the one and only Queen of Pinups, there are women who have inspired kings to abdicate from the throne while others play the part of a femme fatale, seducing famous artists by posing nude for their paintings.

When does the new femme fatale movie come out?

In every iteration over the years, the kernel of danger at the femme fatales core is that she’s out for herself: she doesn’t exist in service to or for men. The late-summer crime film Hustlers debuted in September 2019 and as of the end of October 2019, had grossed more than $110 million worldwide.

Is the femme fatale only deadly if she dies?

The femme fatale could only be fun, sexual, and deadly so long as she died or went to jail in the end.

How many tickets sold for Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour?

The special, titled Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour, aired on Epix in the United States. BBC Worldwide acquired the rights to both 2D and 3D versions outside the United States. According to Pollstar, the 39 dates in North America grossed $38.3 million with 423,017 tickets sold.

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