How much money did Pluto Nash lose?

How much money did Pluto Nash lose?

‘The Adventures of Pluto Nash’ One of the biggest box-office flops ever, the movie had a $100 million production budget but earned only $7.1 million at theaters worldwide, meaning it lost a whopping $92.9 million.

How much was Eddie Murphy paid for Pluto Nash?

While the transition alienated the people who had originally become fans because of his more explicit content, it didn’t alienate the money from his bank account. Murphy was paid $20 million for his roles in Dr. Dolittle, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, and The Nutty Professor II.

What year did Pluto Nash come out?

August 16, 2002
The Adventures of Pluto Nash/Initial release

Who is Rex Crater?

Eddie Murphy as Pluto Nash, a businessman, a retired smuggler and ex-convict who deals in animals, clothing and drugs. Murphy also portrays Rex Crater, a criminal entrepreneur operating out of Moon Beach and Pluto Nash’s clone created by Marucci and the geneticist Dr.

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How much did the adventures of Pluto Nash make?

The Adventures of Pluto Nash was a massive box office bomb, with its budget was estimated at $100 million (with marketing costs of $20 million) and domestic box office $4,420,080 and $2,683,893 overseas. It had a total worldwide gross of $7,103,973.

Who was the original cast of Pluto Nash?

Cast overview, first billed only: Eddie Murphy Pluto Nash Randy Quaid Bruno Rosario Dawson Dina Lake Joe Pantoliano Mogan Jay Mohr Tony Francis

Who is the parent company of Pluto Nash?

Pluto Nash was set up at Castle Rock (a subsidiary of Warner Bros) and Universal was set to co-finance the picture, but wisely dropped it and parent company Warner Bros took on distribution duties.

What happens at the end of Pluto Nash?

The movie ends with the heroes celebrating in the rebuilt Club Pluto with Nash as the owner, Dina as the lead singer and Bruno as the new club manager (as Pluto has bought a new model 78 robot as his new bodyguard). Pluto looks at Dina singing on the stage and smiles, smoking a cigar.