How much money did Garfield the movie make?

How much money did Garfield the movie make?

The film opened up with $21,727,611 domestically in its first weekend. It grossed a total of $75,369,589 domestically, and a further $125,434,945 internationally. The film grossed in total $200,804,534 worldwide.

How much did Andrew Garfield get paid for Spiderman 2?

Garfield was reportedly only paid a $500,000 salary for his role in the film, more than Gal Gadot recently earned for “Wonder Woman” but a fraction of Tobey Maguire’s salary. Garfield almost certainly received a pay raise for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (although no numbers are available), but the sequel did not see a corresponding box office bump.

When did the Garfield music video come out?

The music video premiered in early summer 2004 and featured clips from the film and gags showing obvious references to the Garfield franchise (such as lasagna jokes). Reception [ edit ] Box office [ edit ]

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What kind of cat is Garfield in the movie Garfield?

Garfield is an overweight, lazy and free-spirited orange cat who lives with his owner Jon Arbuckle. Garfield passes his time by antagonizing Jon and teasing his aggressive neighbor, Luca, a Doberman. Aside from Jon, Garfield maintains an unlikely friendship with a helpful mouse, Louis.

Why is Garfield the most profitable comic strip?

Unlike any other comic strip, Davis decided to personally merchandise his comic strip, rather than waiting for someone to license it out for him. This has led Garfield to be the most profitable comic strip character, only rivaled by Snoopy and other Peanuts characters.

What kind of products does Garfield appear on?

Garfield’s face has appeared on nearly every product imaginable including tooth brushes, cameras, rugs, and thermos; the fat cat has infiltrated the homes of millions. Jim Davis ‘s comic strip Garfield has generated a large amount of merchandise.

How often does Garfield gain weight come out?

There was also a bonus strip to fill in the book Garfield Gains Weight, which features a single panel with Garfield holding his face down in front of the TV. These books, generally released twice a year by Ballantine Books, contain reprints of the comic as it appears in newspapers daily.

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