How much money did facing the Giants make?

How much money did facing the Giants make?

10.2 million USD
Facing the Giants/Box office

What is the lesson of facing the Giants?

Facing the Giants is a great inspirational movie. It teaches us to have faith in God because when we believe in Him whole-hearted; there will be no boundaries in our success. When I first heard of the title, lots of things popped into my mind. I came to think of struggles, facing fears and any other problems in life.

Who produced Facing the Giants?

Alex Kendrick
Stephen Kendrick
Facing the Giants/Producers

What movie apps is Facing the Giants on?

Currently you are able to watch “Facing the Giants” streaming on DIRECTV, Spectrum On Demand. It is also possible to buy “Facing the Giants” on Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store, YouTube, Redbox, AMC on Demand, DIRECTV as download or rent it on Vudu online.

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In its first weekend, the film opened on 441 screens nationwide in the United States. Despite such a small number of theaters, the film opened in twelfth place with $1,343,537. The film ultimately was shown in over 1,000 theaters and grossed a total of $10,243,159.

Where was the movie Facing the Giants made?

The fact that it was made mostly by volunteer amateurs from Albany, Georgia’s Sherwood Baptist Church-for $100,000-is a testimony to what people can do when they passionately believe in something. That alone makes this a truly “inspiring” film!

Why was facing the Giants given a PG rating?

The Drudge Report picked up the story on June 8, 2006, which sparked a controversy alleging that the film was being given a “PG” rating solely because of its religious theme. The New York Times, Good Morning America, Fox News, and many talk radio programs covered this story.

Who was the football coach in facing the Giants?

Shot in Albany, Georgia, the film relates an underdog story about American football from a Christian worldview. The film made $10.2 million on a $100,000 budget. In 2003, Grant Taylor (Alex Kendrick) is the head football coach at Shiloh Christian Academy, and has yet to post a winning record in his six-year tenure.

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