How much money did EuroTrip make in box office?

How much money did EuroTrip make in box office?

20.8 million USD
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Who sings Scotty doesnt know in Eurotrip?

Scotty Doesn’t Know/Artists

As part of Uproxx’s oral history of “Scotty Doesn’t Know,” Nick Cloutman told a small anecdote about the power of the absurd song. Cloutman’s band, Lustra, performed the song for the movie’s soundtrack and Damon lip-synched to it during his scene.

Why is Eurotrip rated R?

Comic violence. Full male and female nudity, sexual references and situations, including “comic” incest and bondage.

Does Matt Damon sing Scotty doesnt know?

Hot Buzz Time Machine: Matt Damon’s Cameo in Eurotrip His character Donny sings “Scotty Doesn’t Know” (really performed by the band Lustra) while Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk grinds alongside him.

How long has EuroTrip been on the air?

It has been ten years since EuroTrip, riding the raunchy teen comedy revival of the late ’90s and early naughts, burst into theaters and exposed an entire generation of teens to a beach full of dangling male genitalia. And even a decade later, those involved with the cult classic are still proud of it — every sex organ included.

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How much did Nial Iskhakov make in EuroTrip?

+ A “Bert” is a unit of money. Unofficially, of course. But it became a running joke to the producers after they paid young actor Nial Iskhakov “about $175” to play the role of Bert, Scotty’s brother in the film. “‘Can we put a tree in that window?’ ‘Well, it will be six Berts,’” Schaffer recalled.

How old was Trachtenberg when she made EuroTrip?

“And I blew them,” deadpanned Trachtenberg, who got several laughs from the crowd for her natural EuroTrip -style humor. Above all, though, producers said it was important to them at the time to cast real teenagers in the roles. “We didn’t want 35-year-olds playing high school kids,” said Schaffer.

Who are the cast members of EuroTrip TV show?

At least, that was the vibe taken away from the audience Wednesday night in Hollywood, where cast members Scott Mechlowicz (“Scotty”), Jacob Pitts (“Cooper”), Michelle Trachtenberg (“Jenny”), Travis Wester (“Jamie”) joined producers Jeff Schaffer, Alec Berg, and David Mandel and several others for a Q&A session.