How much is Tim Sylvia worth?

How much is Tim Sylvia worth?

Tim Sylvia net worth: Tim Sylvia is an American former mixed martial arts fighter and professional wrestler who has a net worth of $800 thousand. Tim Sylvia was born in Ellsworth, Maine, in March 1974. Sylvia competed as a Heavyweight and a Super Heavyweight.

Did Frank Mir break Tim Sylvia’s arm?

Injury. At UFC 48 in June 2004, Sylvia returned to face Frank Mir for the vacant UFC Heavyweight Championship; he lost. Sylvia was taken to a local hospital where an x-ray revealed that his arm was in fact broken; he then took several months off to recuperate.

How did Tim Sylvia lose his heavyweight UFC title in 2003?

Two-time UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia has always had an unfair amount of hatred thrown his way. He was the poster boy for the general crappiness of the UFC’s heavyweight division from 2002 through 2008. He was stripped of the UFC title in 2003 for taking steroids.

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Who broke Tim Sylvia’s arm?

Frank Mir
Tim Sylvia suffered one of the nastiest injuries in UFC history when Frank Mir snapped his arm in 2004 – and he is still having problems with it. Sylvia suffered the horror injury at UFC 48 where Mir got him in an armbar just 50 seconds into the heavyweight title fight.

Who is currently the UFC Heavyweight Champion?

Derrick Lewis will fight Ciryl Gane for the interim heavyweight title at UFC 265 on Aug. 7 in Houston, UFC president Dana White told ESPN on Monday. Heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou will remain the undisputed champion, but he was unavailable to defend his title in August.

How did Brock Lesnar beat Frank Mir?

Lesnar bounced back with a victory over Heath Herring and then his star power earned him a shot at Randy Couture’s heavyweight title, which he won with a second round knockout. He promptly demolished Mir in two rounds, but as Mir was recovering from being knocked out, Lesnar was in his bloody face screaming at him.

What happened to Tim Silva?

Ex-UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia retired from competition this past Saturday after being denied clearance to fight Juliano Coutinho at a Reality Fighting event in Uncasville, Conn. Sylvia ends his career with a 31-10 record.

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What is Frank Mir doing now?

He currently competes for Bellator MMA in the Heavyweight division. Frank was formerly Ultimate Fighting Championship a.k.a UFC’s biggest stars. Mir also has the longest uninterrupted tenure amongst any fighter in the history of UFC.