How much is Scott Shannon worth?

How much is Scott Shannon worth?

Scott Shannon net worth and salary: Scott Shannon is an American disc jockey who has a net worth of $2 million dollars. Scott Shannon was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. He followed in his military family’s footsteps, and joined the Army after high school.

Who is Scott Shannon married to?

Scott Shannon’s Wife, Family Well, the 71-year-old radio DJ is married to his beloved wife, Trish Angeli. The pair celebrates their love life spending time together and going on dinner dates.

How old is DJ Scott Shannon?

74 years (25 July 1947)
Scott Shannon/Age

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Who invented the Morning Zoo?

Scott Shannon
The first morning zoo program, focusing on the zany interactions of two hosts, was conceived and performed in 1981 by Scott Shannon and Cleveland Wheeler of WRBQ-FM in Tampa, Florida, known at the time as Q105 FM.

What is Elvis Duran net worth?

Elvis Duran has a net worth of $25 million dollars. Elvis Duran was born on August 5, 1964 in McKinney, Texas. Duran’s radio career has spanned 30 years and has included both host and program director duties.

Where is Todd Pettengill working now?

Pettengill runs Skull Islands Studios, which falls under the Pettengill Productions banner, his broadcasting company. No longer on the radio after the station where he worked was sold and changed formats to Christian broadcasting, he has since moved from New Jersey to Texas.

What is Todd Pettengill doing now?

What happened to Joe Nolan?

WCBS-FM and former WABC-TV traffic reporter Joe Nolan is recovering from a heart attack he suffered at home this weekend. Nolan called in to Scott Shannon’s WCBS-FM show Monday morning to say he felt chest and back pains while working in his yard in Westfield, N.J., on Sunday. His girlfriend called 911, he said.

Where is Scott Shannon now?

Michael Scott Shannon (born July 25, 1947) is a radio disc jockey presently hosting the morning show for WCBS-FM in New York City as well as Scott Shannon Presents America’s Greatest Hits which is syndicated nationally with United Stations Radio Networks and Audacy.

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What is wrong with froggy from Z100?

When radio personality Froggy was diagnosed with acromegaly 10 years ago, he made it his personal mission to educate the public — as well as primary care physicians — on this rare and unexpected disease.

What disease does froggy from Z100 have?

In 2010, Froggy learned he had acromegaly, commonly known as pituitary adenoma. The name “acromegaly” comes from the Greek words for “extremities” (acro) and “great” (megaly). Acromegaly affects just 50 to 70 people per million.

Why did Todd Pettengill leave WWF?

His final pay-per-view appearance at SummerSlam in 1997; Pettengill had informed WWF executives that he wished to bow out of the company, as the grind of juggling his WWF duties and his radio career was proving to be too hectic.

Is Todd Pettengill married?

Carrie Pettengillm. 1987
Todd Pettengill/Spouse

Is Jayde Donovan married?

Her dad and I are not married and that seems to confuse a lot of people. We’ve been together about 8 years and do most things together. He has a 9 year old son who I love like my own. My dad has been there for me ever since.

Does Joe Nolan have cancer?

Nolan himself dealt with a pair of serious heath scares in 2019, when he was diagnosed with both kidney and prostate cancer. He also suffered a heart attack in 2014. “The kidney cancer they found by accident when they did a scan,” said Nolan, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer first.

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Who is Patty Steele?

Patty Steele is a legendary figure in the radio broadcast industry. At CBS-FM, she is once again teamed up with Radio Hall of Famer, Scott Shannon. In a testament to Patty’s versatility and ability, she also does a weekly podcast with WCBS-AM Newsradio 880 morning show anchor, Wayne Cabot called “News On The Rocks”.

What does Alex Carr do for a living?

Carr is a beloved zookeeper at the Staten Island Zoo and the two now share a home in Manhatten and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Are Elvis Duran and Uncle Johnny related?

Uncle Johnny is the World’s Oldest Intern and the inventor of Elvis’ trademark saying “HELLO LADY” as well as “WHAT ARE YA, BANANAS?”!!! You can catch him every other Friday on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show mixing his favorite cocktails!