How much is Rajesh Khanna net worth?

How much is Rajesh Khanna net worth?

Rajesh Khanna Net Worth

Net Worth: $65 Million
Date of Birth: Dec 29, 1942 – Jul 18, 2012 (69 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Politician, Actor, Film Producer

At what age Rajesh Khanna died?

69 metai (1942 m.–2012 m.)
Rajesh Khanna/Amžius mirties dieną

What is the religion of Rajesh Khanna?

Hindu Khatri
Rajesh Khanna was born on 29 December 1942, in Amritsar in the present-day state of Punjab, in a Hindu Khatri family as Jatin Khanna.

What did Rajesh Khanna died of?

Rajesh Khanna/Mirties priežastis

How old is Dimple Kapadia?

64 years (June 8, 1957)
Dimple Kapadia/Tuổi

Is Dev Anand still alive?

Deceased (1923–2011)
Dev Anand

How much is Rajinikanth worth?

Rajinikanth Net Worth in Rupees

Name Rajnikanth
Net Worth $50 Million
Net Worth in Indian Rupees Rs. 365 Crore
Average Movie Remuneration Rs. 50 Crore
Brand Endorsement Fee Nil

Who is richer Akshay or Virat?

Virat Kohli remains India’s most-valuable celeb, actors Akshay Kumar & Ranveer Singh follow. While Virat Kohli’s (C) value is $237.7 million, actors Akshay Kumar (L) and Ranveer Singh’s worth remains steady at $118.9 million and $102.9 million, respectively..

Does Akshay Kumar own a private jet?

Akshay Kumar owns a private jet worth Rs 260 crore. The actor lives life king size.

Who is husband of Dimple Kapadia?

Rajesh Khannam. 1973–2012
Dimple Kapadia/Chồng
Despite once calling her marriage to Rajesh Khanna a ‘farce’, actor Dimple Kapadia refrained from badmouthing him. She famously tied the knot with the superstar when she was just 15.

How old was dimple when she had twinkle?

The film made Rishi and her stars overnight, at the time of the film’s she was just 16 years old. Exactly 6 months before the release of ‘Bobby’ Dimple who was a mad fan of super-star Rajesh Khanna, met and married the actor. Rajesh was 15 years older than her.

How old is Zeenat Aman now?

69 years (November 19, 1951)
Zeenat Aman/Tuổi

Who did Dev Anand marry?

Kalpana Kartikm. 1954–2011
Dev Anand/Vợ/chồng
In 1954, Dev married Kalpana Kartik (actual name Mona Singha), a Bollywood actress from Shimla, in a private marriage during the shooting of the film Taxi Driver. They have two children, son Suneil and daughter Devina.