How much is Mats Sundin worth?

How much is Mats Sundin worth?

Mats Sundin net worth: Mats Sundin is a Swedish former professional hockey player who has a net worth of $40 million. Mats Sundin was born in Bromma, Sweden in February 1971. He was a center who played in Sweden before being drafted #1 by the Quebec Nordiques in the 1989 National Hockey League Draft.

Who was Mats Sundin traded for?

Toronto Maple Leafs
Originally drafted first overall in 1989, Sundin played his first four seasons in the NHL with the Quebec Nordiques. He was then traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1994, where he played the majority of his career, serving 11 seasons as team captain.

Where does Matts Sundin live now?

We (Sundin, wife Josephine and their infant daughter) live in Sweden, but we come back here often and it’s very special to me.”

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How did Toronto get Mats Sundin?

In addition, the Maple Leafs acquired the Nordiques’ first-round draft pick–10th overall–for their first pick, the 22nd. Toronto then sent the 10th pick to the Washington Capitals for center Mike Ridley and the 16th overall pick.

Does Mats Sundin have son?

Tie’s busy, but it’s great to see his son Max doing well in Montreal (wearing Sundin’s 13 in tribute).

Why did Mats Sundin get traded?

Sundin played 13 seasons in Toronto and was elected on the first ballot to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Clark played just one season with the Nordiques, and was traded to the New York Islanders after a contract dispute.

What is Peter Forsberg doing now?

Forsberg is enjoying his retirement back home in Sweden with Nicole and their three children.

Why did Quebec Nordiques move?

In Quebec, said Aubut, “The new realities of the hockey industry, the size of the Quebec City market and the absence of adequate government help sounded the knell of the Nordiques.” Their revenues from advertising, TV and ticket sales did not cover skyrocketing payroll costs.

Is Peter Forsberg a lefty?

Philadelphia Flyers (2005–2007) Coached by his father and teammates with NHL players Henrik and Daniel Sedin and Markus Näslund, Forsberg played only 33 of Modo’s 50 regular season games because of surgery after dislocating his left wrist and breaking a bone in his hand.

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Are Peter and Filip Forsberg related?

The brothers are of no relation to Hockey Hall of Famer Peter Forsberg (Foppa) or Ottawa Senators goaltender Anton Forsberg. He is a supporter of Liverpool FC.

What NHL teams no longer exist?

Defunct teams before the Original Six Era

Team Seasons Relocated to
Ottawa Senators (original era) 1917-1934 Became St. Louis Eagles
Quebec Bulldogs 1919-1920 Became Hamilton Tigers
Hamilton Tigers 1920-1925 Formed nucleus of New York Americans
Montreal Maroons 1924-1938 Suspended operations; franchise formally cancelled in 1947

What was Forsberg nickname?

Peter the Great
listen); born 20 July 1973) is a Swedish former professional ice hockey player and was for a time assistant general manager of Modo Hockey. Nicknamed “Peter the Great” and “Foppa”, Forsberg was known for his on-ice vision and physical play, and is considered one of the greatest players of all time.