How much does Drew Ray Tanner weigh?

How much does Drew Ray Tanner weigh?

Drew Ray Tanner Height, Weight and Other Information

Height 175 cm
Weight 70 Kg
Weight in Pound 154 lbs
Body Measurement 42-28-36
Chest Size 42 inch

How old is Drew Ray Tanner?

29 ปี (12 กุมภาพันธ์ 2535)
ดรูว์ เรย์ แทนเนอร์/อายุ

Does Drew Ray Tanner have a brother?

His mother is a teacher and he has one brother.

Where is Drew Ray Tanner?

วิกตอเรีย, แคนาดา
ดรูว์ เรย์ แทนเนอร์/สถานที่เกิด

Is KJ rich apa?

KJ Apa — Net Worth: $3 Million.

What nationality is Drew Ray Tanner?

ดรูว์ เรย์ แทนเนอร์/สัญชาติ

What nationality is Tanner?

Drew Ray Tanner is a Canadian actor. He portrays Fangs Fogarty on The CW’s Riverdale.

Does Drew Ray Tanner have a sister?

Early Life & Family

Full Birth Name Drew Ray Tanner.
Siblings Brother: Taylor Hunger.
Marital Status Unmarried.
Girlfriend Jasmine Vega.

How old is KJ Apa now?

24 years (June 17, 1997)
เคเจ อาปา/อายุ

Is Drew Ray Tanner Chinese?

According to Healthy Celeb, Drew is of Jamaican and Chinese descent.

Are fangs and Kevin together?

Kevin seemingly lives at The Farm and gives tours to visitors while Fangs helps the Serpents raid the Gargoyle den. After that, Fangs joins The Farm full on and he and Kevin are dating. They attend Junior Prom together.

Is Drew Ray Tanner a singer?

He’s A Musician Drew’s acting career isn’t the only thing that has been taking off over the last few years. He is also a talented musician. He sings, plays the guitar, and is the member of a group named These Girls These Boys . The group recently released their new single, “Sleep When I’m Dead.”

Is Drew Ray Tanner in Arrow?

Drew Ray Tanner (born February 12, 1992) is a Canadian actor. He has portrayed a rookie in Arrow, a student in Supergirl, and Dionysus in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Did Fangs and Kevin kiss?

There are Farm members dressed all in white, in a ritual ceremony resembling a wedding conducted by Evelyn. Fangs and Kevin are on their knees facing each other, saying things that sound like makeshift vows and the ceremony ends with them sharing a kiss.

29 years (February 12, 1992)
Drew Ray Tanner/Age

Drew Ray Tanner/Nationality

What high school did Drew Ray Tanner go to?

W J Mouat Secondary
Aldergrove Community Secondary School (ACSS)
Drew Ray Tanner/Education

Victoria, Canada
Drew Ray Tanner/Place of birth

Was Drew Ray Tanner in Arrow?