How much did Slumdog Millionaire gross at the box office?

How much did Slumdog Millionaire gross at the box office?

378.1 million USD
Slumdog Millionaire/Box office

What was the budget for Slumdog Millionaire?

15 million USD
Slumdog Millionaire/Budget
On the surface, “Slumdog Millionaire” ($29.98 DVD, $39.98 Blu-ray; Fox Home Video; available Tuesday) seemed an unlikely Oscar contender with its meager $15 million budget and a cast of unknown and amateur actors.

Did Slumdog Millionaire get the money?

A confident Jamal is able to guess the correct answer—Aramis—winning the grand prize. Meanwhile Salim, back in the safe house, sacrifices himself in order to stop Javed from coming after Latika and Jamal. After his victory, Jamal goes to the train station to wait for Latika.

What did Slumdog Millionaire do with the money?

Sushil says the money has changed him in simple and small ways. He’s paid off a brother’s debts, bought some jewellery for his wife and put the rest in the bank. India is a nation known for its savings culture, and it seems Sushil is living up to the stereotype.

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What did Indians think of Slumdog Millionaire?

Even as American audiences gush over “Slumdog Millionaire,” some Indians are groaning over what they see as yet another stereotypical foreign depiction of their nation, accentuating squalor, corruption and impoverished-if-resilient natives.

What was the box office take for Slumdog Millionaire?

Madea finished with $16.5 million, for a two week total of $64.8 million. Slumdog Millionaire earned an estimated $12.15 million on the back of its big Oscar wins. That’s the biggest weekend so far for the movie, and its box office take has actually grown for 13 out of the 16 weekends it has been in theaters.

How much money has Slumdog Millionaire made in Germany?

It also showed no signs of declining in Germany, where it added $2.37 million on 270 screens during its second weekend, which was nearly identical to its opening, and it now has a total of $5.54 million. More… It’s a big list this week with nearly 50 DVDs here (including a few that are late reviews).

Is the movie Slumdog Millionaire based on a true story?

Slumdog Millionaire is a 2008 India based British drama film that is a loose adaptation of the novel Q & A (2005) by Indian author Vikas Swarup, telling the story of 18-year-old Jamal Malik from the Juhu slums of Mumbai.

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When did the Dark Knight tie with Slumdog Millionaire?

Tied with The Dark Knight (2008) for Joker’s More For the scene when young Jamal jumps into the poop. Tied with The Dark Knight (2008) for Joker’s first scene. For the eye gouging scene. Tied with WALL·E (2008). For cinematography. For the song “Jaiho”. Tied with The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008). UK.