How much did Robin Williams get paid for Jumanji?

How much did Robin Williams get paid for Jumanji?

Williams had earned hundreds of millions of dollars throughout his years as an actor, and it reached it’s peak in the late 90s and 2000s when he made $15 million for his role in Jumanji, and then $20 million for playing the titular character in Bicentennial Man.

How much money did Mrs Doubtfire make in box office?

441.3 million USD
Mrs. Doubtfire/Box office

Why wasnt there a Mrs. Doubtfire 2?

There still might be a musical Doubtfire 2 was abandoned once and for all, composer and producer Alan Menken announced to Entertainment Weekly that he was working with David Zippel and Harvey Fierstein to create a Mrs. Doubtfire musical, potentially for Broadway. “It’s going very well,” said Menken.

What was the budget for Mrs Doubtfire movie?

The movie was made with a budget of $25 million, but made some serious coin at the box office. It raked in nearly $440 million. 13. Home Sweet Home The home address you hear Miranda Hillard give Mrs. Doubtfire on the phone is the real address of the house used to film the movie: 2640 Steiner St. 12. Comedy = Makeup + Time

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Is the character of Mrs Doubtfire a real person?

However, it was hard to put it out of her mind that Mrs. Doubtfire was not real, as is demonstrated when she talks with her children in the kitchen. When she sees Daniel dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire on the television, Mrs. Doubtfire exists as a television character. Like their mother, Mrs. Doubtfire was a real person to them.

When did Daniel come back home as Mrs Doubtfire?

When he first came back home as Mrs. Doubtfire, she did not know that it was Daniel underneath realistic prosthetics. To her, Mrs. Doubtfire was real. When Daniel’s mask came off after giving Stu the Heimlich, Mrs. Doubtfire did not fully exist.

Why did Mrs Doubtfire smash her face in a cake?

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is when Mrs. Doubtfire frantically smashes her face in a cake to disguise herself. The icing drips into Mrs. Sellner’s tea and she says, “There you go, you’ve got your cream and your sugar now.” This hilarious detail was actually completely unintentional.