How much did it cost to make the quiet place 2?

How much did it cost to make the quiet place 2?

The follow-up carries a $61 million budget. The well-reviewed sequel centers on the Abbott family as they continue living in silence to hide from creatures that hunt sound. This time, they’re also facing the terrors of the outside world. Millicent Simmonds, Cillian Murphy and Noah Jupe co-star.

Was Quiet Place 2 a success?

The New Line sequel has earned $142.8 million global, almost four times its $39 million budget. So it qualifies as a “successful disappointment” (what it might have earned had it disappointed in non-Covid times), but it’s still profitable.

How well did A Quiet Place do?

“I don’t really know what it is anymore.” In the end, “A Quiet Place Part II” performed a lot like how the first one did. That 2018 hit, which ultimately grossed $340 million globally on a $17 million budget, launched with $50.2 million in North American ticket sales.

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Is there going to be a quiet place part three?

A Quiet Place: Part III release date In November 2020, Jeff Nichols was hired to write and direct a spin-off film, based on John Krasinski’s original ideas for the film series. This film is scheduled for release on March 31st, 2023, according to Digital Spy.

How much did a quiet place 2 cost to make?

A Quiet Place 2’s reported production budget is $61 million, which is a notable increase when compared to its predecessor. The original Quiet Place cost between $17-21 million. The difference can likely be chalked up to Paramount knowing A Quiet Place is a viable franchise they can rely on.

When did the movie The Quiet come out?

The film was shot during September and October 2004, was directed by Jamie Babbit, and was produced by the University of Texas’ Burnt Orange productions as their first feature.

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What was the box office for a quiet place?

It’s not the only release worth picking up, as both Lean on Pete on Blu-ray and The Magicians: Season Three are worth picking up. More… Deadpool 2 dominated the international box office with $174.9 million on 25,091 screens in 82 markets, for a worldwide opening of $300.4 million.