How much did it cost to make the happening?

How much did it cost to make the happening?

48 million USD
60 million USD
The Happening/Budget
It received generally negative reviews from critics and grossed $163 million worldwide against its $48 million production budget.

Why does Mark Wahlberg regret The Happening?

Wahlberg regrets ever agreeing to The Happening Night Shyamalan’s least successful projects, and that’s in part because Wahlberg seems to have no idea how to play his character, who ultimately discovers that the planet’s plant life has caused humanity to start killing itself. The plants.

What is wrong with Alma in The Happening?

4. The biggest problem, it is ultimately revealed, is that Alma had a dessert date with a male colleague named “Joey,” who has since pestered her on her cell phone. At first it seems that “dessert” may be a euphemism, or was perhaps a prelude to a greater indiscretion.

What was the box office gross for the happening?

On its opening day, The Happening grossed US$13 million. Over the weekend, the total gross came in at US$30,517,109 in 2,986 theaters in the United States and Canada, averaging to about US$10,220 per venue, and ranking #3 at the box office, behind The Incredible Hulk and Kung Fu Panda.

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How much money is out there in the world?

So How Much Money Is Out There? As of January 31, 2019, there was nearly US $1.7 trillion in circulation, including Federal Reserve notes, coins, and currency no longer issued.

What was the gross for the movie 2 : 22?

A token theatrical release satisfies the filmmakers and the VOD release makes the movie available to mass audiences. In the case of 2:22, the $422 gross (as of press time) is almost beside the point. It usually isn’t a good sign when a movie has more than one name.

What are the highest grossing movies of all time?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Avatar. Titanic. What do they have in common? They are the three highest-grossing movies in history ($936 million, $760 million, and $658 million, respectively, at the North American box office). Others in this esteemed club include Jurassic World, The Avengers, and The Dark Knight.