How much did it cost to make Last Action Hero?

How much did it cost to make Last Action Hero?

85 million USD
Last Action Hero/Budget

Why is Last Action Hero A 15?

Parents need to know that this spoof/critique of action films has itself an excessive amount of violence, explosions, and killings. While kids may love this, the sheer number of people who are killed or plotted to be killed (at least 15) make it too much for younger kids.

When was the last action hero filmed?

Last Action Hero | 1993 The interior of the ‘Pandora Theater’, where Danny uses the ticket to enter the world of action star Jack Slater (Schwarzenegger), is the Orpheum Theater, 842 South Broadway, downtown Los Angeles.

How much money did Big Hero 6 make?

The film sold 732,000 units and generated $14.46 million in revenue, for an opening week Blu-ray share of 72%. Granted, this is a film that relies heavily on its special effects to draw in the audience, but that is still a shockingly high percentage. More… The DVD sales chart was top heavy with new releases.

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Who is the last action hero movie star?

What’s notable is that the vast majority of its audiences will be showing up for the express purpose of watching Neeson beat people up and/or shoot at them. Non-Stop isn’t just an action film, it’s a Liam Neeson action film. In an era when the stand-alone action hero movie star is all-but-extinct, Neeson is perhaps the last man standing.

Which is the highest grossing superhero movie of all time?

At least seventeen films since 1964 have held the record for highest-grossing superhero film. Spider-Man has held the record twice, Batman and the Avengers have held it three times each, and Godzilla held it at least six times.

How much did the Winter Soldier make at the box office?

Domestic Total: $259,766,572 On the other hand, The Winter Soldier was a huge leap over the first movie when it came to the box office. The film grossed almost double of what The First Avenger made worldwide. It shows that audiences had sparked not only to the character, but also to the Russo Brothers’ take on his world.