How much did it cost to make Christmas with the Kranks?

How much did it cost to make Christmas with the Kranks?

60 million USD
Christmas with the Kranks/Budget

Which Christmas movie made the most money?

Home Alone
The most successful Christmas movie is Home Alone, with a lifetime gross of over 285.7 million U.S. dollars….

Characteristic Box office revenue in U.S. million dollars
Home Alone (1990) 285.76
Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (2018) 270.52
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 260.04
The Polar Express (2004) 157.22

Is there a Christmas with the Kranks 2?

Christmas With The Kranks 2: Ripping off The Kranks.

Who is Marty in skipping Christmas?

Austin Pendleton
salesman who sells umbrellas. It was revealed at the end, he was being Santa Claus. He was portrayed by Austin Pendleton.

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What is the #1 Christmas movie of all time?

It’s a Wonderful Life
1. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

What is the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time 2020?

The Santa Clause tops the list with $470.1 million and also has the best average with $156.8 million.

Is Christmas with the Kranks on Netflix 2020?

Unfortunately, Christmas with the Kranks is not available to stream on Netflix. There are currently no films that feature Jamie Lee Curtis available on Netflix.

How big was the exterior of Christmas with the Kranks?

In the next 12 weeks, hundreds of carpenters, plasterers and painters had built what would become the largest exterior set ever for a movie, being more than 700 feet long and including 16 houses.

Is the movie Christmas with the Kranks a Christmas movie?

As a movie, it should be relieved that it’s a Christmas movie because that’s the only reason why it still gets play. Well, unless you’re a hardcore Tim Allen head or gear your movie-watching towards those that only include a scene in which Jamie Lee Curtis barely has any clothes on.

What happens at Christmas with the Kranks party?

Blair announces she is coming home after all so the Kranks ditch the cruise and hastily throw together Christmas, including their fabled Christmas Eve party, which the whole neighborhood looks forward to for some reason that is never made all that clear.

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Why did the Kranks go on a cruise?

As a result of her trip to Peru, the Kranks have decided to bail on Christmas, go on a cruise instead. Makes sense to me, but not to everyone else in town and the Kranks’ neighborhood in particular, all of whom take the Kranks’ decision very personally.