How much did Hot Fuzz gross?

How much did Hot Fuzz gross?

80.7 million USD
Hot Fuzz/Box office

Altogether, Hot Fuzz grossed $80,573,774 worldwide. In nine weeks, the film earned nearly twice what Shaun of the Dead made in the US, and more than three times its gross in other countries.

How much did it cost to make Hot Fuzz?

8 million GBP (2007)
Hot Fuzz/Budget

Where was Sandford in Hot Fuzz?

Filming took place in a city called Wells, which portrays the fictional village of Sandford in Hot Fuzz. It’s actually the smallest city in the whole of England so it’s already village sized, and coincidentally – or not – it had ties to director Edgar Wright before filming even began. He grew up there as a child.

Is Hot Fuzz a parody?

“Hot Fuzz,” a British comedy from the creators of “Shaun of the Dead,” labels itself a spoof of the action movie genre, but that definition actually sells the film short.

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What age is Hot Fuzz?

The repeated use of strong language immediately leads to a 15 classification. There are some 15 uses of variants of ‘f**k’. More unusual at 15 are two uses of very strong language, ‘c**t’, which normally indicates an 18 rated film.

Is Sandford from Hot Fuzz a real place?

In the summer of 2006 a star studded cast descended on Wells, and for a few weeks it was transformed into Sandford, the fictional village in the blockbuster, Hot Fuzz. This film, directed by local boy Edgar Wright, went on to international acclaim and has taken on cult status.

How much did Hot Fuzz cost to make?

Second place went to Hot Fuzz with a very respectable 676,000 units; you must remember, this is a film that only cost 8 million Pounds to make, roughly, which is about $17 million American. The film made more than that in just one week on the home market in combined rentals and sales, so everyone involved must be very, very happy indeed.

What was the box office for Hot Fuzz?

The film was down a mere 23% to $36.13 million on 3667 screens in 31 markets for a total of $146.66 million internationally. The film opened in China with a record-setting $12.6 million on 300 screens over the first five days while it earned $498,000 on 71 in Greece and $258,000 from 28 in Israel.

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Who are the actors in the movie Hot Fuzz?

Not to be confused with the Killers album Hot Fuss. Hot Fuzz is a 2007 science fiction comedy action film directed by Edgar Wright, who co-wrote the script with Simon Pegg. Starring Pegg, Nick Frost and Jim Broadbent, the film centres on two police officers investigating a series of mysterious and gruesome deaths in a West Country village.

Which is more successful Shaun of the dead or Hot Fuzz?

It is the second and most successful film in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, succeeding Shaun of the Dead (2004) and followed by The World’s End (2013). Over 100 action films were used as inspiration for developing the script.