How much did glitter make box office?

How much did glitter make box office?

5.3 million USD
Glitter/Box office

How much money did Madagascar make?

75 million USD
78 million USD

Is the movie glitter about Mariah Carey’s life?

Glitter is a 2001 American romantic musical drama film starring Mariah Carey and rapper Da Brat, written by Kate Lanier, and directed by Vondie Curtis Hall. It is set in 1983….Glitter (film)

Written by Kate Lanier
Story by Cheryl L. West
Produced by Laurence Mark
Starring Mariah Carey Max Beesley Terrence Howard

What happened to Mariah Carey during glitter?

8. Her brother and mother played roles in her Glitter ‘breakdown’ After filming the video for “Loverboy,” Carey was set to shoot a video for “Never Too Far,” but she needed to rest, she writes, so skipped the video shoot.

How much money did the movie Glitter make?

Some went on to call it one of the worst films ever made. Glitter opened in 1,996 American theatres, and grossed $2.5 million in its first week, with a worldwide total of $5.3 million.

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What was the reaction to the movie Glitter?

Glitter was a major commercial failure and critical flop. Reviewers were highly disappointed with the film, and Carey’s performance as an actress was considered by many to be amateur. This also caused the film to receive negative commentary along social media sites, with Carey herself later admitting that she regretted being part of the film.

Who is the real singer of the song Glitter?

Dice discovers that Billie is the real singer of the song, as a means to cover up Sylk’s abysmal singing ability. Impressed, he wishes to produce her but Billie raises concerns about her contract with Timothy and he eventually agrees on the provision that Dice pays him $100,000. Billie and Dice start working on songs.

When did the movie Glitter by Carey come out?

Carey used the time to work on the soundtrack of the film, along with Eric Benét and Da Brat, who also appeared on the film. The film was released on September 21, 2001, ten days after the release of the accompanying soundtrack on September 11, 2001.