How much did Dredd make?

How much did Dredd make?

45 million USD

Why did Judge Dredd flop?

Karl Urban says Dredd represents a failure in marketing, not filmmaking. The 43-year-old, whose acting career kicked off on Shortland Street, said Dredd’s box office fail was a result of “zero audience awareness.” “Nobody knew the movie was being released . Dredd represents a failure in marketing, not filmmaking.”

Will there be Dredd 2?

Judge Dredd TV Series May Bring Back Karl Urban Could Karl Urban still come back as Judge Dredd? Dredd 2 is officially dead, but the world of Judge Dredd is set to continue on the small screen.

Where did Judge Dredd come from?

Judge Dredd is a comic book franchise based on the longest-running comic strip in 2000 AD (1977), a British weekly anthology comic. The titular character in the franchise, Judge Dredd, is a law enforcement officer in the dystopian future city of Mega-City One, which covers most of the east coast of North America.

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What did the critics say about Judge Dredd?

It can be easy to dismiss Judge Dredd. Critics have often turned their noses up at its extreme satire, from morbidly obese activists campaigning for extra food to fads for giant noses and drug-induced ugliness. Just last week, one commentator labeled the comic either a power fantasy for Nazis or a too-subtle piece of lefty irony.

How much money did Dredd make in sales?

Dredd led the way in terms of units with 184,000 units, but was second in terms of revenue with $3.68 million. Its opening week Blu-ray share was just 37%, which is weak for an action film like this. More… There were seven new releases to reach the top 30 on this week’s DVD Sales Chart, including four releases that reached the top five.

Why did Judge Dredd bomb at the box office?

It’s hard to understand exactly why Dredd bombed; the reboot had a positive critical reception, while 1995’s Judge Dredd was panned by critics and still managed to earn over $110 million. It seems that at least some of the blame can be placed on the marketing for the movie.

How many headbutts are cut from Judge Dredd?

The UK video version has been cut by almost 4 secs by the BBFC in three places. Two headbutts have been cut from the fight between Dredd and Mean Machine, as well as Stallone shooting an enemy right after he breaks free. A headbutt has also been cut from the fight between Hershey and Ilsa.

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