How much did Cinderella gross 1950?

How much did Cinderella gross 1950?

263.6 million USD
Cinderella/Box office

How much did Cinderella make in the box office?

542.4 million USD

What was the budget for Cinderella?

2.2 million USD
2.9 million USD

Is Cinderella movie hit or flop?

13 Hit: Cinderella The movie stars Lily James as Cinderella, with Cate Blanchett as her evil stepmother. Cinderella was a hit amongst critics as well as at the box office, even earning several nominations for costume design.

Is Cinderella owned by Disney?

Cinderella is a 1950 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney. Based on the fairy tale of the same name by Charles Perrault, it is the twelfth Disney animated feature film. After two years in production, Cinderella was released by RKO Radio Pictures on February 15, 1950.

What was the box office gross for Cinderella?

Cinderella grossed $201 million at the domestic box office and $342 million overseas, bumping its grand worldwide total up to around $524 million. Though Disney didn’t create the original Wizard in Oz, the film studio still decided to retell it.

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When did the first Cinderella movie come out?

Cinderella first came out in 1950 at a time when Disney was in danger of going under. Had the film failed, so would the company. However, the film was an instant classic and a huge hit at the box office and not only saved the company, but allowed it to become the entertainment juggernaut it is today.

What kind of life does Cinderella have in the movie?

Cinderella is living a dissatisfying life, having lost both parents at a young age, and being forced to work as a scullery maid in her own château. Her stepmother, Lady Tremaine, is cruel to her, and she is jealous of Cinderella’s charm and beauty.

What was the name of the studio that made Cinderella?

During this time, the studio endured box office bombs such as Pinocchio (1940), Fantasia (1940), and Bambi (1942), all of which would later become more successful with several re-releases in theaters and on home video. Due to this, the studio was over $4 million in debt and was on the verge of bankruptcy.