How much did 27 dresses gross?

How much did 27 dresses gross?

16.27 crores USD
27 Dresses/Box office

Is 27 dresses a true story?

Upon the news that the classic rom-com has been added to HBO Max, Aline Brosh McKenna, the writer of 27 Dresses, tweeted about the story’s origins. She revealed that the film was inspired by a personal friend who had been a bridesmaid many times and went on to say that this friend now officiates weddings.

Is 27 Dresses a chick flick?

Barry Wetcher / Twentieth Century FoxKatherine Heigl stars in “27 Dresses.” There are many moments where “27 Dresses” sounds very familiar. …

Who does Jane end up with in 27 Dresses?

She discovers after two experimental kisses that she no longer loves him and goes to meet Kevin. She announces in front of a crowd at a wedding he is covering that she is in love with him. One year later Jane and Kevin are getting married.

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Is 27 Dresses a true story?

How much money has the movie 27 Dresses made?

As of April 18, 2009, 27 Dresses had grossed $76,808,654 in North America, and $83,450,665 overseas, for a total worldwide gross of $160,259,319. According to, “The audience for the $30M-budgeted 27 Dresses was overwhelmingly female.

What was the most expensive dress that Nicole Kidman wore?

Nicole Kidman ($2 Million) Nicole Kidman graces this list as one of the only two entries who wore dresses that breached the million-dollar mark. Valued at $2 million, Kidman’s outfit was made by Christian Dior Haute Couture, which was crafted using a striking gold-green double tone.

What was the most expensive dress ever worn at the Oscars?

The dress was highlighted with intricate embroidery, a high neck and a slit at the right side. The expensive dress is now branded as one of the most iconic dresses ever worn at the Oscars. 1. Jennifer Lawrence ($4 Million)

Who are the bridesmaids in the movie 27 Dresses?

All 27 brides whom Jane helped, as well as Tess and Casey, are her bridesmaids, wearing the dresses she once wore as their bridesmaid. Principal photography began on May 10, 2007.