How many words does Arnold Schwarzenegger say in the first Terminator?

How many words does Arnold Schwarzenegger say in the first Terminator?

58 words
The first Terminator paints Schwarzenegger’s T-800 as a stoic machine that’s more interested in his mission than to make small talk. This also plays into Schwarzenegger’s background and how English wasn’t his native language. Shockingly, he only has 17 lines in The Terminator, which breaks down to a mere 58 words.

How many words does Arnold Schwarzenegger say in Terminator?

10. SCHWARZENEGGER ONLY HAS 58 SPOKEN WORDS IN THE MOVIE. Technically, The Terminator says more than Arnold’s 17 sentences, but one is an overdubbed voice of a cop, and the other is in Sarah Connor’s mother’s voice, when the Terminator was trying to trick her.

What famous line did Arnold Schwarzenegger say in this movie?

I’ll be back

“I’ll be back”
Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger
First used in The Terminator
Also used in See variations and in other films
Voted #37 in AFI’s 100 Movie Quotes poll

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say in one of his movies?

Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps saying “hasta la vista” to his most famous movie catchphrases.

What does Arnold Schwarzenegger say in Predator?

Get to the choppa!
The tweet references Schwarzenegger’s iconic line from the 1987 film “Predator” in which he yells “Get to the choppa!”

What’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous line?

He had many amazing movie quotes and one liners throughout his acting career. His most famous quote that became part of pop culture is without doubt, “I’ll be back” from ‘The Terminator’.

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    What does the elder Predator say at the end of Predator 2?

    It’s a terror tactic to warn other dealers off their turf. Question: What does the Elder Predator say after Glover reads the pistol inscription? Answer: He says “Take it”.

    What does Predator say to Dutch?

    The Predator knew that Dutch would correctly assume that it’s a self-destruct device and run to get clear. As for the Billy laugh, it is not a gesture of mockery or irony. Instead, it’s the only way the Pred knows how to convey to Dutch that: “You were a worthy opponent. And you even spared me.