How many times has Naruto shown his love for Hinata?

How many times has Naruto shown his love for Hinata?

10 Times Naruto Proved He Loved Hinata. Hinata’s feelings for Naruto were always quite obvious, but there were also times where Naruto was the one proving his love for her.

How did Naruto protect Hinata from Toneri?

It’s a good thing he did as Hinata was soon attacked by the puppets of Toneri Otsutsuki, who sought to capture a Hyuga for his plans. He had to settle for Hanabi after Naruto managed to protect Hinata from the attempted kidnapping by defeating the army of puppets.

How does Naruto feel about being a Hokage?

As a Hokage, Naruto struggles to find time to be a proper parent, placing a large burden on Hinata to essentially operate as a single parent. It’s something that Naruto himself is well aware of and apologizes for. He feels bad that he can’t be there for his kids, and that it puts a lot of stress on Hinata.

How did Hinata bleed from her head in Pokemon?

Seeing the dazed Pain, Hinata pulls out another receiver, and is pushed even further away, this time through the air. As Hinata lands across the crater, she begins to bleed from her head.

What’s the difference between Naruto and his wife?

Out of all the characters in the Naruto series, the one whose personality differs the most from Naruto is perhaps his wife, Hinata. This is a case where opposites truly attract. While Naruto was a loud and obnoxious kid who made bold claims such as striving to become Hokage, Hinata was just the opposite.

Who is the Best Couple in the Naruto series?

Despite the debate on whether Naruto should end up with Sakura or Hinata, Naruto eventually married Hinata while Sakura married Sasuke. But which couple in Naruto is the best? Here are five reasons for Naruto & Hinata and five for Sasuke & Sakura.

Why did Hinata cut her hair short in Naruto?

Hinata’s father, who considered her a failure as his heir to the main house of the clan Hyuuga, essentially disowned her and placed her little sister in line to run the clan one day. Fans have theorized that he made Hinata cut her hair short before he washed his hands of her.