How many ships does Odysseus begin with?

How many ships does Odysseus begin with?

When Odysseus begins to tell his story to the king and queen of Phaecaia, Alcinous and Arete, he tells them that when he left Troy after the end of the war, he commanded twelve ships.

How did Odysseus lose 11 ships?

Unfortunately, the Laestrygonians engaged in cannibalism; they destroyed 11 of Odysseus’ ships (every ship but the one he was on) and ate many of the sailors. Most of the men on his ship died following their stop on the island of Helios.

How many ships does Odysseus squadron have?

Ulysses, immediately after the destruction of Troy c. 1,200 BC set sail north-west of Troy, with his 12 ship squadron, to plunder the land of the Cicones who were allies of the Trojans. Each ship with twenty oars, ten to each side, carried at least forty men.

How many men did Odysseus have on his ship?

Odysseus seems to have set out with more than 600 men in 12 “black” ships. All 12 eventually were wrecked. Except for our hero, all the men were smashed up, drowned or eaten alive.

How many men sailed from Troy with Ulysses?

Answer Wiki. We can accurately calculate how many men sailed to Troy with Odysseus, though exactly how many came back home after the war is basically impossible to know. As mentioned in another answer, we know from both the Iliad and the Odyssey that Odysseus had 12 ships (Odyssey 9.176).

What was the name of odysseus’ship when it was destroyed?

The survivors fled to the ships, desperate to escape, but were overtaken and crushed by boulders thrown down upon them by the Laestrygones. The ships, and their entire crews, were destroyed. Unlike his ship, Odysseus went by another name.

Where did Odysseus lose 72 of his men?

Odysseus won the victory. Then he landed on the Achaeans land, allies of Troy. He lost 72 men there. Then he came to the island of the Lotus eaters. Where three of his men were ‘drunk’ from eating the flower and wanted to stay, but Odysseus tied them to his ship.