How many people were killed by the hurricane?

How many people were killed by the hurricane?

More than 8,000 people died from the hurricane storm tides. Flying items, the flooding, the winds and more killed people. There were so many corpses that several were brought in loads of wagons, laid down in rows to be identified, and then decamped, burned, or brought out to sea to be dumped.

How many people stayed in Houston during the hurricane?

A total of 7,000 evacuees from areas along the Galveston bay stayed in Houston during the storm, including 4,000 from Galveston proper. Interurban routes began operating special service via Galveston early on August 16 to aid evacuations, carrying 175–200 people per arrival; an estimated 2,500 people evacuated via the interurban service to Houston.

How much damage did Hurricane Hugo do in the Caribbean?

Severe damage was reported throughout the islands of the Caribbean. The storm caused an estimated $3 billion in damage in the Caribbean (including $1.8 billion in the USVI ). The storm also took USVI television station WBNB-TV off the air by destroying their transmitter.

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How many houses were destroyed in the Galveston Hurricane?

The destruction of homes was also a serious issue after the hurricane. About 3,636 houses were completely destroyed (almost half the homes of Galveston residence.) The value of all the building destruction was estimated to be more than $700 million. Houses lie together in a mountain of timber at 19th Street.

What was the cost of Hurricane Charley in 2004?

The 2004 hurricane season in central Florida was one for the record books. It started with Hurricane Charley when its made landfall on the southwest coast of Florida on Aug. 13, 2004. The storm caused $15 billion in damage and killed 10 people in the United States.

How many people died in the Galveston Hurricane?

While the newly completed Galveston Seawall mitigated a similar-scale disaster for Galveston, numerous fatalities occurred along unprotected stretches of the Texas coast due to the storm’s 16.2 ft (4.9 m) storm surge. Overall, the major hurricane inflicted at least $30 million in damage and killed 403–405 people.