How many films have Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci been in together?

How many films have Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci been in together?

Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci have acted in 6 movies together.

Are Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci friends in real life?

Though The Irishman is the first time the two have worked together on a film in 13 years, it’s clear that they’re friends offscreen. Back in 2003, Joe saluted his pal in a speech for Robert’s American Film Institute Life Achievement Award.

How many movies have De Niro and Scorsese done together?

nine movies
Out of all the nine movies the actor-director duo has made together, including iconic movies such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and even Goodfellas, Cape Fear was a much bigger financial success than all of them.

Are De Niro and Scorsese friends?

The 76-year-old has been pals with the 77-year-old filmmaker for more than 40 years, with their friendship beginning back in 1973 when De Niro starred in Scorsese’s 1973 movie Mean Streets. Speaking to People magazine about their special bond De Niro said he “can’t imagine my life” without Scorsese.

What kind of movies did Robert De Niro make?

Robert De Niro’s directorial debut draws heavy inspiration from his work on gangster movies with Martin Scorsese. A Bronx Tale is a movie of comparably high quality to that of Scorsese’s early film Mean Streets. De Niro not only directs the film but also acts in a supporting role as the father of the wayward protagonist.

Who are the actors in the Irishman with Robert De Niro?

‘The Irishman’ stars Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci go way back. Take a look at their friendship and movies together, like ‘Casino,’ ‘Goodfellas,’ ‘Raging Bull,’ and more.

Who was Robert De Niro’s real life partner in crime?

Thankfully though, his persistent movie partner in crime Robert De Niro was able to convince him to be involved in the project. As a result, Joe now has a 2020 Golden Globe nomination to boast about for his portrayal of real-life mobster Russell Bufalino.

What did Robert De Niro do in the Joker?

Although De Niro plays a minor role in Joker, it’s worth including for a few reasons. First, the film is just really good. Second and more importantly, Joker is clearly inspired by some of De Niro’s greatest works.