How many copies of The Lovely Bones have been sold?

How many copies of The Lovely Bones have been sold?

Sebold’s Brilliant Debut Novel Published in 2002, “The Lovely Bones” quickly became an unprecedented international bestseller, with translations in over 45 languages and sales of more than five million copies in America alone.

How old was Saoirse in Lovely Bones?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Irish actress Saoirse Ronan was only 13-years-old when she took the part of a murdered girl who watches over her grieving family in “The Lovely Bones.” But even at such a young age, she never once worried about playing a dead person.

Who killed the real Susie Salmon?

7. Susie Salmon from The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold….Who is the real Susie Salmon?

Susie Salmon
Born 1959
Died December 6, 1973
Cause of death Murdered by George Harvey

How much money did the Lovely Bones make?

In the film’s opening weekend, in limited release, it grossed $116,616, despite only having been screened in three theaters, placing it at 30th place on the box office chart. The Lovely Bones grossed over $44 million in North America.

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Where did the book The Lovely Bones get its name?

The novel received critical praise and became an instant bestseller. A film adaptation, directed by Peter Jackson, who personally purchased the rights, was released in 2009. The novel’s title is taken from a quotation at the story’s conclusion, when Susie ponders her friends’ and family’s newfound strength after her death:

Who are the actors in the Lovely Bones?

Cast overview, first billed only: Mark Wahlberg Jack Salmon Rachel Weisz Abigail Salmon Susan Sarandon Grandma Lynn Stanley Tucci George Harvey Michael Imperioli Len Fenerman

Is the Lovely Bones a CGI movie?

In “The Lovely Bones” we know who the monster is from the time the monstrosity is committed but we’re only spectators unable to do anything about it and that frustration may have turn part of the audience and most of the critics away. True the CGI of the “in between” is, sometimes, too much but the film as a whole is a real experience.