How long was King Haakon IV of Norway in power?

How long was King Haakon IV of Norway in power?

His reign lasted for 46 years, longer than any Norwegian king since Harald Fairhair. Haakon was born into the troubled civil war era in Norway, but his reign eventually managed to put an end to the internal conflicts. At the start of his reign, during his minority, Earl Skule Bårdsson served as regent.

What kind of government does The Haakonians have?

The Haakonian government was called the Haakonian Order . Physically, Haakonians were tall and pale skinned and, like most races, were susceptible to metreon poisoning. As of 2371, Haakonians were unfamiliar with transporter technology.

Where was Haakon when he arrived in Scotland?

When he arrived, he learned that Haakon was in Scotland, and that Magnus ruled Norway in his place. While Magnus initially took an unfriendly attitude towards Sturla, his talents as a story-teller and skald eventually won him the favour of Magnus and his men.

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How old was Haakon when he was captured by the Bagler?

In the saga, Haakon is described as bright and witty, and as being small for his age. When he was three years old, Haakon was captured by the bagler but refused to call the bagler king Philip Simonsson his lord (he nonetheless came from the capture unharmed).

Who is the author of the Haakon Saga?

The main source of information concerning Haakon is the Saga of Haakon Haakonsson, which was written in the immediate years following his death. Commissioned by his son Magnus, it was written by the Icelandic writer and politician Sturla Þórðarson (nephew of the famous historian Snorri Sturluson).

Where did Haakon the Crazy Go to school?

When Haakon was in Bergen under the care of Haakon the Crazy, he started receiving education from the age of seven, likely at the Bergen Cathedral School. He continued his education under King Inge at the Trondheim Cathedral School after the Earl’s death in 1214.