How is Scrooge feeling in stave 2?

How is Scrooge feeling in stave 2?

He feels like he is surrounded by ghostly “odours”, full of hopes and memories just like he is. The sight of the spirit world, full of mournful spirits, has already begun to affect Scrooge. Unlike his frosty, bitter persona, he now looks like a vulnerable child, being taken through the air by this motherly ghost.

What happened in stave 2 of A Christmas Carol?

Stave 2 of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol shows us the visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past. As the stave opens, we find Scrooge confused because he is awoken by the clock chiming twelve. Seeing his sad young self makes Scrooge wish he had given a recent young Christmas caroler some money.

What was Scrooge like as a child in stave 2?

We are shown that Scrooge had an unhappy childhood, but knew love from his sister who is presented extremely positively. Dickens shows that Scrooge experienced sad, lonely times in his childhood but also happy ones.

What happens to Scrooge stave 2?

After the sombre scene at the school, Scrooge is taken to a joyful memory. It is the place where he worked as an apprentice in his younger years. He’s delighted to see his old boss, Fezziwig, ”Why, it’s old Fezziwig! Bless his heart; it’s Fezziwig alive again!”

What is Scrooge afraid of in stave 2?

Initially, he thinks he has slept through an entire day or that it’s actually noon and the sun has merely gone under some sort of cover. He suddenly reme mbers the words of Marley’s ghost. The first of the three spirits will arrive at one o’clock. Frightened, Scrooge decides to wait for his supernatural visitor.

Who is Scrooge’s employer in Stave 2?

Further into stave two, Dickens introduces the jolly, happy and good employer Fezziwig. Scrooge looks back fondly on his days as an apprentice and seems happy to have been part of the fun and celebrations.

What happens in Stave 2 of A Christmas Carol?

However, in stave two we are shown through the Ghost of the Past how Scrooge had been treated and behaved in his past. We see the lonely, isolated Scrooge as a school boy, the joy and then grief of Scrooge with his sister Fan, his capacity for enjoying life with the Fezziwig’s and finally how he once had a fiancé Belle.

What touches Scrooge’s heart in stave 3?

Dickens believes that festivity, especially of the pure-hearted variety, is contagious. Yet what touches Scrooge’s heart in Stave III isn’t merely his looking upon numerous Christmas parties. One scene in particular has special impact upon his soul. It comes as he observes the family of his clerk, Bob Cratchit.

Where does the ghost of Christmas Past take Scrooge?

In stave 2, the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge on a journey through the past, including an unhappy childhood and a failed romance. In stave 3, the Ghost of Christmas Present leads Scrooge on a journey through various scenes of the present, most notably and lengthily, celebrations at the homes of the Cratchits and of the nephew and his wife.