How is foreshadowing conveyed in the story A Retrieved Reformation?

How is foreshadowing conveyed in the story A Retrieved Reformation?

Henry uses foreshadowing in all three stories in order to build suspense as the reader anticipates the surprise ending. The theme that is conveyed throughout “A Retrieved Reformation” is that people can change. Jimmy Valentine is sent to prison because he breaks into banks.

What is ironic about the end of A Retrieved Reformation?

Then, ironically: Henry gives another ironic twist to the ironic twist in “A Retrieved Reformation.” After Jimmy has exposed his true identity by using his safe-cracking tools to free the little girl from the bank vault, he finds himself facing arrest by the detective Ben Price.

WHAT DOES A Retrieved Reformation refer to?

“A Retrieved Reformation” is a story about a criminal, Jimmy Valentine, who changes (or reforms) his life. Before reading the story, think about the different themes that make the story easier to read and to understand.

What clues lead you to suspect the surprise ending where did you see foreshadowing?

What clues lead you to suspect the surprise ending? Where did you see foreshadowing? the clues and foreshadowing were woven throughout the story, but started to come together in the last two pages, upon Ben Price’s arrival.

Who is Ben Price in A Retrieved Reformation?

An “eminent” police detective and the antagonist of “A Retrieved Reformation.” Price is portrayed as the epitome of morality and hard work, and he serves as a foil to Jimmy Valentine’s criminal lifestyle.

What was the Jimmy’s most prized possession in the story A Retrieved Reformation ‘?

“The Gift of the Magi” concerns Jimmy and Della’s most prized possessions – Jimmy’s watch, inherited from his father, and Della’s long, beautiful hair. To give these two possessions even more weight, Arden creates a backstory for them that she inserts into “A Retrieved Reformation”.

How are the endings to a call loan and A Retrieved Reformation similar?

Both the stories end with a twist and sudden resolution of conflicts. In ‘A Retrieved Reformation,’ the conflict ends coincidently when Ben Price pretends not to know Valentine. In ‘A Call Loan,’ the story ends coincidently when Merwin and Longley return only to find that cattle have been sold for $29,000.

Which clues to the surprise ending appear in Jimmy’s letter to his old pal?

How do the prison warden’s words to Jimmy provide a clue to the surprise ending? He says Jimmy is an “innocent” victim. He says Jimmy is “not a bad fellow at heart.” He praises Jimmy for having friends in “high-toned society.”

Who is the owner of Elmore bank?

Mr. Adams
Adams Character Analysis. The owner of The Elmore Bank and father to Annabel.

What is the theme of the story A Retrieved Reformation?

The theme of ‘A Retrieved Reformation’ is that love can reform anyone. At the beginning of the story, Jimmy Valentine is unrepentant about his crimes….

How are the endings to a call loan and A Retrieved Reformation by O’Henry similar group of answer choices?

How are the endings to “A Call Loan” and “A Retrieved Reformation” by O. Henry similar? Both stories use a coincidence to resolve the conflict.