How is Blanche the tragic hero?

How is Blanche the tragic hero?

Throughout Tennessee William’s play “A Streetcar Named Desire,” Blanche Dubois exemplified several tragic flaws. She suffered from her haunting past; her inability to overcome; her desire to be someone else; and from the cruel, animalistic treatment she received from Stanley.

Who is the tragic hero in Streetcar Named Desire?

In a Streetcar Named Desire, the tragic hero is Blanche Dubois, an aging Southern Belle living in a state of perpetual panic about her fading beauty.

Is Blanche a tragic victim?

Blanche DuBois is a tragic victim, because she cannot face in reality, which resulted from an action out of her control. She contributed to Allan’s death, but was not the cause.

What type of character is Blanche?

Behind her veneer of social snobbery and sexual propriety, Blanche is an insecure, dislocated individual. She is an aging Southern belle who lives in a state of perpetual panic about her fading beauty. Her manner is dainty and frail, and she sports a wardrobe of showy but cheap evening clothes.

Why is Blanche a tragic heroine?

Blanche’s relationship with the ghostly presence of love through Streetcar may primarily suggest that she is in fact a tragic hero as she, through her inability to transcend the conservative views of the late 40s southern Bible belt, in which traditional values against adultery and homosexuality are the foundations of …

Is Blanche Dubois a victim or a villain?

Blanche Dubois is the central victim of mistreatment even though she had tried to make Stanley the victim. She displays her self as fragile and moth like, dealing out her share of insensitivities that happened during her younger days.

Why is Blanche in a mental hospital?

By marrying, Blanche hopes to escape poverty and the bad reputation that haunts her. Stanley himself takes the final stabs at Blanche, destroying the remainder of her sexual and mental esteem by raping her and then committing her to an insane asylum.