How good is Discover magazine?

How good is Discover magazine?

Discover Magazine has a consumer rating of 4 stars from 5 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Is Discover magazine a scholarly source?

Some magazines—like Discover—are more authoritative than a general news magazine but less authoritative than a scholarly journal.

What happened Discover magazine?

The magazine was sold to the Walt Disney Company in 1991 and then purchased in 2005 by Bob Guccione, Jr., who made it the flagship publication of the new Discover Media, LLC. Under the slogan “Science, Technology, and the Future,” Discover publishes consumer-oriented scientific information.

What age is Discover magazine for?

The magazine is aimed at children between the ages of six and twelve, and it is ideal for children who like to learn. The interesting topics help parents introduce information to children in an exciting way, so your kids will be more likely to want to learn on their own.

What happened to Becky Lang at Discover magazine?

— The creation of a Wisconsin-based Discover magazine editorial and design staff has been completed with the hiring of Design Director Dan Bishop and Senior Associate Editor Becky Lang. Lang was formerly the health and science editor at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where she worked for nearly 13 years.

Where is Discover magazine based?

Waukesha, Wisconsin
Discover is an American general audience science magazine launched in October 1980 by Time Inc….Discover (magazine)

November 2014 issue of Discover
Editor Becky Lang
Company Kalmbach Publishing
Country United States
Based in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Is Omni magazine still around?

Beloved science fiction magazine Omni is rebooting from its reboot. Omni is being published by Penthouse Global Media, which returns it to its original home; the magazine was created by Penthouse publishers Bob Guccione and Kathy Keeton, who ran it in print from 1978 to 1995, and online until 1998.

Is Discover magazine monthly?

Discover, published by Kalmbach Publishing Co., currently publishes 8 times annually. Your first issue mails in 6-12 weeks. Cover price is $7.49 an issue, current renewal rate is 8 issues for $29.95.

How often does Discover magazine release?

8 times annually
Discover, published by Kalmbach Publishing Co., currently publishes 8 times annually. Your first issue mails in 6-12 weeks.

Who is Nathaniel Scharping?

Nathaniel Scharping is a writer and editor based in Milwaukee. A former Discover Magazine editor, he covers climate change, the environment, medicine and more. His work has appeared in outlets including Undark, Knowable Magazine and Science.

How do I know if my source is scholarly?

The article is most likely scholarly if:

  1. The source is longer than 10 pages.
  2. Has a works cited or bibliography.
  3. It does not attempt to persuade or bias the reader.
  4. It attempts to persuade or bias the reader, but treats the topic objectively, the information is well-supported, and it includes a works cited or bibliography.

What is an example of a scholarly source?

Scholarly and Popular Sources

Authors: Experts such as scientists, faculty, and historians
Examples: Journal of Asian History, New England Journal of Medicine, Chemical Reviews, Educational Psychologist; books from University presses such as Oxford University Press and the University of California Press

Why did Omni magazine close?

In early 1996 publisher Bob Guccione suspended publication of the print edition of Omni, attributing the decision to the rising price of paper and postage. At the end of its print run the circulation was still reported to be more than 700,000 copies a month.

Who owned Omni magazine?

Jerrick Media
Earlier this week, Jerrick Media, owner of the Omni brand, announced that it was partnering with the Museum of Science Fiction to put the original issues of the magazine back online — this time in high-resolution. Instead of, readers can find all 200 issues of the magazine on Amazon.

How do I write for Discover magazine?

Send your query or pitch to: [email protected] Email is preferred. The pitch you make must include samples of previous work, “a few strong clips,” suggests the magazine.

What defines a scholarly source?

Scholarly sources are written by academics and other experts and contribute to knowledge in a particular field by sharing new research findings, theories, analyses, insights, news, or summaries of current knowledge. Scholarly sources can be either primary or secondary research.

How do you know if an article is peer-reviewed on Google Scholar?

1. If you find the name of a journal, type it “in quotes,” into the regular version of Google to find that journal’s homepage. Journals often brag about the fact that they are peer reviewed (also known as “refereed” or “juried”).

What are the characteristics of a scholarly source?

Characteristics of Scholarly Sources

  • Have a serious appearance.
  • The words “Journal,” “Transactions,” “Proceedings,” or “Quarterly,” may appear in the title.
  • Written for professors, students or researchers.
  • Signed by the authors.
  • Articles are reviewed by a board of experts or “peer reviewers.”