How does Ruth support Walter?

How does Ruth support Walter?

Ruth supports her husband by selflessly putting her own dreams and goals on the back burner and remaining by Walter Jr’s side as he struggles to find happiness. Ruth is portrayed as a tolerant, supportive woman who loyally stands by her husband’s side despite his capricious, irrational, and selfish behavior.

How does Ruth react to Walter’s desire for her support?

How does Ruth react to Walter’s desire for her support? “EAT YOUR EGGS.” She says and for him to stop talking about dreams and reminds him that the money he wants to use is not his (page 32-34).

How does Ruth feel about Walter?

For once, Ruth seems to be on Walter’s side. She thinks that if Mama gives him some of the money he might regain his happiness and confidence, which are two things Ruth feels she can no longer provide for Walter. Mama, though, feels morally repulsed by the idea of getting into the liquor business.

What is the significance of Ruth offering Walter hot milk after their argument?

Ruth tries to offer Walter hot milk or coffee to counteract the effect of “all that liquor” that Walter drank.

What is the conflict between Ruth and Walter?

Ruth seems to think the store is a bad idea, and Walter is insulted, telling his wife “A man needs for a woman to back him up…” (I. 1). This will be an ongoing conflict in the play. Walter believes that other family members, including Ruth, do not support or believe in his dreams.

What does Ruth say to Mama to show she is trying to support Walter?

Ruth suggests that Mama might help Walter by giving him some of the money for his dream of buying the liquor store. How does Ruth say Mama should spend the money?

How did Ruth find out that Walter hadn’t been going to work?

How did Ruth find out Walter hadn’t been going to work? Walter’s boss called. Beneatha saw him. Ruth saw him on her way back from the doctor’s office.

How are Walter and Ruth’s relationship in A Raisin in the Sun?

In A Raisin in the Sun, Walter and Ruth are initially quite distant from each other. At the beginning of the play, Ruth asks Walter how he wants his eggs cooked. He replies that he’d like anything except scrambled, but Ruth goes on to scramble the eggs. This is a subtle hint at the nature of their relationship.

Who is Beneatha in A Raisin in the Sun?

In particular, Ruth (full context) Walter’s sister Beneatha enters from the stage-left bedroom in the midst of Walter and Ruth ’s quarrel. As Ruth irons a massive pile of clothes, Walter badgers his sister about her… (full context) …to work.

Who are the Youngers in A Raisin in the Sun?

A Raisin in the Sun Lena, Walter, Ruth, and Beneatha are all members of the family named Youngers. The name derives from Walter Senior, Lena’s husband and Walter Jr. and Beantha’s father.

What was Walter Lee’s Dream in Raisin in the Sun?

Walter Lee exhibits frustration over his job and desires more success in his life. While Mama continuously worries that her son’s dream of owning a liquor store is not the right path for the family, she believes her dream will be most beneficial for everyone.