How do you use Dragon mirror?

How do you use Dragon mirror?

When you have 2 or more monsters in your Graveyard, activate “Zombie World” to turn them into Zombie-Types. Then, activate “Dragon’s Mirror” and use them as Fusion Material to Fusion Summon “Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon”!

Does five headed dragon need polymerization?

Your opponent must control three or more monsters in order for a Fusion Summon of this card via “Super Polymerization” to not result in a loss of card advantage.

How to fusion summon a five headed dragon?

You can Fusion Summon this card with ” Dragon’s Mirror “. Fill up your Graveyard quickly by using the effects of ” Future Fusion ” or ” Masked Dragon “/” Troop Dragon ” in preparation to activate “Dragon’s Mirror”. Due to the card’s erratum, “Future Fusion” cannot gather the Fusion Materials for this card until the second turn.

Can you use dragon’s mirror in fusion summon?

Dragon’s mirror is a fusion-summoning spell card like Polymerization. However, players pick fusion materials from the field or the graveyard and put those materials to the banished zone instead of the graveyard. The spell card can be used for only summoning a dragon-type fusion monster.

What do you need to play fusion summon?

Duel Links – GameA This page notes what fusion summon is, the way to conduct fusion summon, and exceptional fusion summons. Fusion summon is conducted to summon fusion monsters. Fusion material monster cards and specific spell cards, such as Polymerization, are required to play fusion summon. Fusion monsters are placed in the extra deck.

How to summon a fusion monster in Yugioh?

Procedure 1 Collecting fusion materials. Generally, player have to collect fusion material monsters in their hand or on the field. 2 Playing a summoning card. Once players have collected all the fusion materials, they play a summoning card. 3 Sending the materials to the graveyard. 4 Summoning fusion monster. …