How do you unlock oakheart in wizard101?

How do you unlock oakheart in wizard101?

Re: How do you get to Oakheart? Oakheart is in the Tree of Life. After you cleanse Wavebringer and Stoneheart(?), Oakheart will offer you a quest and then afterward, you will defeat him in battle. Then return to the Jade Palace where all three nature spirits will greet you and award you the Spirit Walker badge.

Where is the oakheart quest?

Guide to Oakheart Quests

  • Cave of Solitude. 1a. I’m Cursed (From MossBack) 1b. Rock On (From MossBack)
  • Kishibe Village. 2a. Wear Your Gloves (From MossBack) Shirataki Temple. 3a.
  • Ancient Burial Grounds. 4a. Distressed Earth (From MossBack) 4b. Forest Foray (From MossBack)
  • Tree of Life. 6a. The Great Forest (From OakHeart) 6b.

    Where is Wavebringer in village of sorrow?

    Location:Mooshu, Shirataki Temple and Village of Sorrow. Gives Quest:Tainted Forest and Forest Spirit.

    Where is Cave of solitude?

    And, once you defeat War Oni in Crimson Fields, you will soon get a quest that lads you to the Cave of Solitude. You can just follow the yellow arrow at the bottom of your screen.

    How do you summon Yakedo?

    Yakedo is a bonus boss in Crimson Fields. To summon him you must raise all the flags in the battlefield. He will appear in the battlefield among the regular monsters, but only after you raise all four flags and receive the quest Battle of Evermore.

    How do you summon a Wavebringer?

    Wavebringer is a Water Spirit who guards the River Temple, and is summoned by using the Jade Scepter at four shrines located in the Shirataki Temple.

    How do I get into Shirataki Temple?

    You must complete the quest The Stuff of Epics in order to enter the Shirataki Temple in order to receive your Dryad spell. This quest is given by Sun Hing in the Shoshun Village. He will direct you to speak to Din Ho in the Shirataki Temple.

    Where is the oyster in Shirataki Temple wizard101?

    You’ll actually find the Shirataki oyster when doing the Shirataki dungeon, inside Shoshun Village. It’s right outside by the steps of the temple where the Plague Oni is.

    What is the cave of solitude?

    Cave of Solitude is a 4 Star, Very Rare building in Card Wars. It can be obtained as a loot in Quest 51 or through the Algebraic Chest, or through crafting at the Card forge.

    What is Superman’s Fortress of Solitude?

    The Fortress of Solitude is a fictional fortress appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Superman. A trademark of the Fortress is that it contains a memorial statue of Jor-El and Lara, Superman’s Kryptonian parents, holding a large globe of Krypton.

    How to do the Oakheart quests in Wizard101?

    It really must make you feel… really bad when you finally get to 48 and there is this MAJOR letdown. You start doing the quests, and once you get to the point where you have to talk to OakHeart, it starts to hit you. First slowly. Then you realize that you haven’t done the OakHeart quest-line, and none of your friends have either.

    Do you have to talk to Oakheart to get next quest?

    For example, if you finish “The Great Forest” from OakHeart in the Tree of Life, in order to get the next quest in the line, you must talk to OakHeart in the SAME PLACE. If you finish questing with MossBack, there will be NO HINT telling you to then go to WaveBringer.

    What do you need to know about the Oakheart?

    “This affront to everything natural will cause you great torment, little Wizard…” The wood from this treant is prized for its durability. Hints, Guides and Discussions of the Wiki content related to Oakheart should be placed in the Discussion Topic.

    Where are all of the quests in Wizard101?

    1. Cave of Solitude 1a. I’m Cursed (From MossBack) 1b. Rock On (From MossBack) 2. Kishibe Village 2a. Wear Your Gloves (From MossBack) 3. Shirataki Temple 3a. I’m Cured (From MossBack) 5. Ancient Burial Grounds 4a. Distressed Earth (From MossBack) 4b. Forest Foray (From MossBack) 5. Village of Sorrow 5a. Tainted Forest (From WaveBringer) 5b.