How do you list a recurring summer job on a resume?

How do you list a recurring summer job on a resume?

5 WAYS TO FEATURE YOUR SUMMER JOB ON YOUR RSUMOrganization: Name of company/organization.Position: Job title within the organization.Location: Where did you work? Date: Write out the starting month and year, followed by the ending month and year (or Present, if still currently working there)

How do I get a job after 3 years of gap?

You simply need to the following:Decide the field that you want to join.Join a short term course, preferable online courses. For IT related sites, you can join sites like Udemy, Lynda, GogoTraining, etc.Complete the course and do an internship. Look for a job while doing internship.Join Startups and SMEs.

Is it OK to apply for the same job twice?

Fact is, you can apply for the same job twice, as long as you’re careful about it. Follow these basic guidelines if you really, really, really want to try again: If you’re applying online, remember that many organisations will use resume screening software to filter people out. Take another look at the job description.