How do you destroy a Field Spell Card?

How do you destroy a Field Spell Card?

You have a Field Spell Card on the field. You opponent activates their Field Spell card. However, you chain the activation with a Mystical Space Typhoon or Dust Tornado (or another non-negating destruction card) to destroy the opponent’s Field Spell Card.

Can you replace a Field Spell Card?

Field Spells: If you wish to replace the Field Spell Card you currently control, you may send your Field Spell to the Graveyard in order to play a new one. The old card is not considered to be destroyed.

Does lightning storm destroy field spells?

That said, Lightning Storm is fantastic against backrow and easily one of the format’s best options for blowing out decks that rely on traps,Field Spells, Pendulums, or Continuous Spells.

Does replacing a field spell count as destroying?

Yes you can activate a field spell with another one already active. It replaces the old one. Activating another Field Spell will simply replace your previously active one. This does not count as the previous Field Spell being destroyed, but you do not have to wipe your Field Spell to activate another one.

Can you negate a continuous spell?

It can’t be used against the activation of an effect. If an effect negates the activation of an effect (like “Stardust Dragon” or “Tytannial, Princess of Camellias”), then it can negate both.

Can a field spell card be destroyed by a trap?

Field Spell Cards can be destroyed by any effect, be it Spell, Trap, or Effect Monster, unless another card specifically denies that possibility (ie. Field Barrier). An active Field Spell Card is also destroyed when a new Field Spell Card is played.

Can a field spell card be activated on the field?

Field Spell Cards cannot be activated while this card is face-up on the field. Field Spell Cards cannot be activated the turn this card is destroyed. Place 1 Counter on this card each time a monster is Special Summoned from either player’s Deck. All “Gladiator Beast” monsters gain 100 ATK and DEF for each of these counters on this card.

Can you control more than one field spell?

Since March 21st 2014 for the OCG and July 10th 2014 for the TCG, both players are able to control a single Field Spell Card. Before, it was only possible to have a single Field Spell Card active on either side of the field, and when another one was activated, the previous Field Spell Card would have been destroyed via Game Mechanics.

What happens when a continuous card is destroyed?

If such a card is activated and is destroyed by a card, its effect still resolves and the card used to destroy it is essentially wasted. Continuous, Field, or Equip Spell Card, or Continuous Trap Card do not work in the same manner as other spells and traps.