How did the members of ABBA meet?

How did the members of ABBA meet?

It all began in June 1966, when Björn Ulvaeus met Benny Andersson for the first time. Björn was a member of the Hootenanny Singers, a popular folk music group, while Benny was a member of the Hep Stars, Sweden’s number one pop band at the time.

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Why did ABBA call themselves ABBA?

“ABBA” is an acronym formed from the first letters of each group member’s first name: Agnetha, Björn, Benny, Anni-Frid. This was first written as “Björn, Benny, Agnetha & Frida”, but was subsequently crossed out with “ABBA” written in large letters on top.

How old was Abba when he started his band?

He started playing music with his first guitar by the age of 11. While he was still at school, Bj̦rn and three of his schoolmates formed his first group РWest Bay Singers, which was made more formalised when they hired a Volvo and toured Europe.

Who was the other half of ABBA in 1969?

Stig also contributed lyrics to many ABBA hits during the first years of the group’s career. In the spring of 1969, Björn and Benny met the two women who were to become not only their fiancées but also the other half of ABBA. Agnetha Fältskog (born 1950) had been a successful solo singer since releasing her first single in 1967.

How old was Benny Andersson when he joined ABBA?

Benny Andersson (born 16 December 1946 in Stockholm, Sweden) became (at age 18) a member of a popular Swedish pop-rock group, the Hep Stars, that performed covers, amongst other things, of international hits. The Hep Stars were known as “the Swedish Beatles”.

Who are the members of ABBA with Agnetha Faltskog?

The three of them whirled around on the carpet outside Stockholm’s Hotel Rival, in full glare of the onlooking paparazzi. But there the joy stops. Agnetha didn’t pose with her other bandmates, Benny Andersson or Bjorn Ulvaeus – who also happens to be her former husband.