How did Onestar get his name?

How did Onestar get his name?

As Tallstar dies, he names Onewhisker his successor without a ceremony, wishing for the friendship between WindClan and ThunderClan to live on through Onewhisker and Firestar. After the Moonpool is found, he receives his nine lives and is named Onestar.

Was Onestar a good leader?

Onestar was a very well liked character and warrior in the first series and a good friend of Firestar’s before and during the Great Journey. Onewhisker was chosen instead and therefore became the new leader of WindClan and with the help of ThunderClan, was able to fight off a rebellion led by Mudclaw and Hawkfrost.

Who was leader after Onestar?

Harestar. Harestar became leader after Onestar, and is the current leader of WindClan. His deputy is Crowfeather, and his medicine cat is Kestrelflight.

What book did Onestar die?

A Vision of Shadows: Shattered Sky
A Vision of Shadows: Shattered Sky: Onestar & Darktail Death | Warrior Cats.

What did Onestar do after the great battle?

Following the Great Battle, Onestar made Harespring his deputy and defended the Dark Forest trainees. Onestar revealed that he had a kittypet mate, Smoke, and sired Darktail, though the other kits died. At first not wanting to fight against Darktail, he eventually aided with the Clans with one final battle against the Kin.

What’s the name of Onestar’s son in Warriors?

When confronted by the other Clans, Onestar reveals that Darktail is his son. He had eloped with a kittypet named Smoke back in the forest territories and was ashamed when she brought him his kit to raise as a warrior.

How did Onewhisker get the name of Onestar?

When they reached the lake, the dying Tallstar made Onewhisker his deputy instead of Mudclaw. Mudclaw was furious and led a rebellion against Onewhisker; however, Mudclaw and his followers lost. Thereafter, Onewhisker received his nine lives with the name of Onestar and made Ashfoot his deputy.

What did Onestar do to ThunderClan in Warriors?

Onestar discovers the tunnels and utilizes it to attack ThunderClan. He sides with the other leaders to force ThunderClan to drive out Sol from the territories. Onestar continues to act aggressive towards Firestar and ThunderClan.