How did Odysseus and his men escape the Cyclops?

How did Odysseus and his men escape the Cyclops?

The cyclops has too much to drink and when he is drunk, he falls asleep. At this point, Odysseus takes the sharpened green olive pole that he and his men prepared earlier, and heats it up in a fire. Then, Odysseus and his men stab the spear into the Polyphemos, blinding him.

What did Odysseus and his men do to Polyphemus?

Odysseus and his men know they need to plan an escape. They wait for Polyphemus to fall asleep and then use what time they have to fashion a spear out of olive wood. When Polyphemus wakes up, he eats another two of Odysseus’ men and gets drunk on wine that Odysseus urges him to drink.

Why did Odysseus tie his men under their bellies?

Odysseus comes up with the plan to tie his remaining men under the sheep’s bellies. This way they are hidden and appear as though they are sheep. This is a great plan, because when Polyphemus comes to, he moves the boulder, allowing the sheep (and Odysseus’ men) to go out to the pasture.

How did Odysseus get home from the Trojan War?

Homer’s Odyssey tells the story of the Ithacan king Odysseus, who famously journeyed for a decade before making his way home from the Trojan War. Poseidon had been angry with the Greeks as they left Troy and sent a storm that destroyed many ships. The single remaining Ithacan ship that carried Odysseus, however, attracted special ire.

When Odysseus and his men find themselves trapped in the cave of the Cyclops, being eaten two at a time, they come up with this plan: Odysseus gives Polyphemus some undiluted wine, which he had been given earlier in the trip.

How does Odysseus escape the Sirens in the Odyssey?

Odysseus escapes the sirens, mythological creatures who are often portrayed as marine women who lure men to their drowning death through their hauntingly beautiful songs, through having his men tie him to the mast of the ship. Rather than assume that because he is a strong and brave leader that he will be able to resist…

Where did Odysseus and his men go after the Trojan War?

Returning from the Trojan War, Odysseus and his men stop off at an island where Cyclopes, one-eyed giants, live. They take refuge in a cave, only to learn that it is the home of one of the monsters, Polyphemus.

How did Polyphemus get rid of Odysseus and his men?

The Cyclops then stumbles about, shouting that “Nobody” had blinded him, and the other Cyclops thought it was divine punishment, so they recommended that he pray for forgiveness. The next morning, Odysseus and his men tie themselves to the underside of Polyphemus’ sheep and are set free when Polyphemus lets them out to graze.