How did Johnny Thunders get his name?

How did Johnny Thunders get his name?

Johnny Genzale was born in Queens and had a rough childhood with an absentee father. He started hanging out in Greenwich Village and met other musicians and formed various bands. He took on the name Johnny Volume at first but changed it to Johnny Thunders.

How old is Walter Lure?

71 años (1949–2020)
Walter Lure/Edad a la que murió

When did Johnny Thunder die?

23 de abril de 1991
Johnny Thunders/Fecha de la muerte

Did Johnny Thunders get his name from the Kinks?

“He’s the local hound – a real swine,” Kinks guitarist Dave Davies said of Johnny, “but he’s inside at the moment!” The Johnny Thunder character returns in The Kinks’ Preservation Act 1 song “One of the Survivors” in 1973. New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders took his stage name from the song’s title.

What happened to Walter Lure?

Walter Lure (April 22, 1949 – August 21, 2020) our dear friend has passed away. Walter was diagnosed with liver and lung cancer in July 2020, which spread rapidly and he died from complications related to the cancer at the age of 71, peacefully in the hospital, surrounded by family.

Is Walter Lure dead?

Deceased (1949–2020)
Walter Lure

Is Johnny Thunder alive?

Deceased (1952–1991)
Johnny Thunders

When did lure die?

August 22, 2020
Walter Lure/Fecha de la muerte

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The song’s main character was, in fact inspired by the Marlon Brando movie The Wild One. New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders took his stage name from the song’s title.

71 years (1949–2020)
Walter Lure/Age at death

What did Walter Lure die of?

Walter Lure/Cause of death

Lure’s current group, Walter Lure and the Waldos, confirmed his death, at Flushing Hospital. His partner, Andy Le, said the cause was liver cancer. The Heartbreakers were together for a brief three years and recorded only one studio album, “L.A.M.F.,” released in 1977 on the British label Track Records.

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