How did ABBA impact the music industry?

How did ABBA impact the music industry?

Abba, from winning Eurovision in 1974, have become been one of the most influential bands of the last four decades. They are, to the 1970s, what the Beatles were to the 1960s – both groups dominated pop music like no other contemporary artist. Benny wrote his first song for Swedish Eurovision consideration in 1969.

Why was ABBA so important?

“Specifically it’s the importance to their music of Swedish folk songs and of a sound called Schlager, which means ‘hit’ in German.” Bereft of rhythm and blues or soul influences and cloyingly kitsch and sentimental to modern ears, the central European sound of Schlager was vastly popular – the soundtrack to a million …

What were ABBA’s influences?

Benny, you’ve always been very influenced by traditional Swedish music. Back when Abba toured, you used a tune arranged by Oskar Lindberg, a composer who also edited hymns for the Church of Sweden. BA: Yes, it was the first thing that played before we got on stage. It was folk music.

Why are there so few successful covers of ABBA songs?

“Abba didn’t just write great songs, they made great records and that was their secret,” says Palm. “They conceived them as productions and arrangements – visions of perfect pop music. Why are there so few successful covers of Abba songs?

Why was ABBA so popular in the UK?

This was unprecedented popularity for an act from outside the English-speaking world, and as the recorded music business accustoms itself to the reduced circumstances of the digital age it seems unlikely that another artist will ever better it.

How long did Abba stay at the top of the charts?

It is a landmark in our pop music history that in 1976, one song sat at the top of the national music charts for 14 straight weeks, an achievement that, then and now, elevates Abba above all musical comers for the longest run at the top. ( Fernando pipped the Beatles’ 1968 run of 13 weeks with Hey Jude, and the Swedes’ record stands to this day.)

Why did Abba sell half a billion records?

One day Abba may well have sold half a billion records. For all that, their music remains a curious anomaly – a universally successful sound based not in the riotous, sexualised lingua franca of rock or r’n’b but in more homely, restrained and European values.