How can I contact AR Rahman?

How can I contact AR Rahman?

AR Rahman Personal Details

  1. AR Rahman Father: RK Shekhar.
  2. AR Rahman Mother: Kareema Beegum.
  3. AR Rahman Age: 06 Jan.
  4. AR Rahman Office Address: N/A.
  5. AR Rahman Email ID: [email protected]
  6. AR Rahman Official Website:
  7. AR Rahman House Address: N/A.
  8. AR Rahman Phone Number: +440-207-401-9800.

Where does AR Rahman live?

Many projects, performances across the world and awards (including two Oscars and Grammys) later, Rahman continues to hit the high notes. After gaining global stardom with Slumdog Millionaire in 2009, Rahman moved to Los Angeles. Life in LA was markedly different from the one he was used to in Chennai.

Where did AR Rahman learn music?

Rahman began his early musical training under Master Dhanraj, and at age 11 began playing in the orchestra of Malayalam composer (and close friend of his father) M. K. Arjunan.

How can I send a song to AR Rahman?

Artists can upload their covers in Hindi, Tamil or Telugu on YouTube or Instagram using the hashtag #99SongsCoverStar. They must also tag Rahman (@arrahman). Ten lucky winners will get a chance to virtually meet A.R. Rahman and the team of 99 Songs.

What is the phone number of AR Rahman?

─ contact us ─ BToS – 1701 & 1702, 17th Floor, Peninsula Park, Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, Mumbai 400 053.

Why AR Rahman is successful?

A.R. Rahman is known for his extensive body of work for film and stage, for his stylistic range as a composer, and for his integration of assorted styles of music in his compositions. His most widely known score, for the 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire, earned him BAFTA, Golden Globe, Academy, and Grammy awards.

What makes AR Rahman so great?

What is Myqyuki?

Qyuki powers video creators to grow their fan following and earnings multifold. Founded by @samirbangara, @arrahman & @shekharkapur.

What religion is AR Rahman?

A.R. Rahman was born a Hindu, but he and his family converted to Islam in 1988, and at that time he changed his name from A.S. Dileep Kumar to Allah Rakha Rahman.

What nationality is AR Rahman?

A. R. Rahman/Nacionalidade

Who is the bad singer in India?

1. Himesh Reshammiya. Himesh Reshammiya is a singer, music composer, lyricist, actor and filmmaker, who mainly works in Hindi films. Himesh, who made his debut as a composer in Bollywood films from “Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya” in 1998.