How accurate is the movie The Long Riders?

How accurate is the movie The Long Riders?

Much of the film is surprisingly faithful to the real events, including the lengthy courtship between Jesse and Zee, and the fact that they are all unrepentant rebels. The genuine Pinkertons were brought in before the gang robbed its first train but that is a minor matter.

Where was the long riders filmed at?

Filming. Some of the film, especially the Northfield scene, was shot in Parrott, Georgia. “The company originally wanted to shoot in Missouri, but they found that urban sprawl just blew that out of the tub,” said a publicist. “Parrott was chosen because it’s almost as if time stood still there.

What year did the Long Riders come out?

May 16, 1980
The Long Riders/Initial release

What year were Long Riders?

Who was the director of the Long Riders?

The Long Riders is a 1980 American western film directed by Walter Hill. It was produced by James Keach, Stacy Keach and Tim Zinnemann and featured an original soundtrack by Ry Cooder. Cooder won the Best Music award in 1980 from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards for this soundtrack.

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Where did the play the Long Riders take place?

James started off by writing a play about the James brothers which Stacy financed and produced. They staged it at the Bucks County Playhouse and then toured it through schools in New Jersey. The play was then adapted into a country musical, The Bandit Kings, and performed off-Broadway at the Bowery Lane Theatre.

Who are the Wright Brothers in the Long Riders?

In 1971 James and Stacy Keach played the Wright brothers in a television film called The Wright Brothers. This gave James the idea they should play Jesse and Frank James in a film together. James wrote the play which Stacy financed and produced.

Where was the bank raid in the Long Riders?

In 1876, the gang is running out of banks to rob in Missouri and decides to raid a supposedly fat bank, far up North, in the state of Minnesota. But the Pinkerton Detective Agency is setting up a trap there. Written by nufs68 “All the world likes an outlaw. For some damn reason they remember ’em.” – Jesse James See more » Did You Know?