Does Mystical Space Typhoon negate Swords of Revealing Light?

Does Mystical Space Typhoon negate Swords of Revealing Light?

“Because ‘Swords of Concealing Light’ is a Continuous Spell Card (unlike ‘Swords of Revealing Light’), if ‘Mystical Space Typhoon’ is chained to its activation and destroys it, none of its effects will resolve (including the effect that changes your opponent’s monsters to face-down Defense Position).”

Can Mystical Space Typhoon negate heavy storm?

They only destroy cards. If you chain MST to HS then it will destroy heavy storm and then HS effect resolves and destroys the rest of the spell and trap cards. If you just read the text of what MST & Heavy Storm do, the answer is an obvious no.

Can Mystical Space Typhoon negate Monster Reborn?

Mystical Space Typhoon does not negate, it only destroys. So even if you chain MST to cards like Monster Reborn, MST will be chain link 2, which will destroy Monster Reborn. Even though the card itself got destroyed, the spell card already activated and the effect resolves.

Can you negate the activation of a field spell?

If you Set a Field Spell Card and your opponent already has one active, the opponent’s Field Spell Card is neither destroyed nor negated. When a Field Spell Card has been active for at least one turn, it cannot be destroyed by the effect of a Quick-Spell Card on either side of the field.

Does Swords of Revealing Light work on Obelisk?

Legacy of the Duelist. Why is Obelisk affected by swords of revealing light? Obelisk’s effect is pretty clear: he’s untouchable by card effects. When that SORL expires, he immediately plays another one, and Obelisk STILL cannot attack.

Can MST destroy itself?

Very simply: MST and Icarus Attack cannot target themselves. An extrapolation of this would be Dust Tornado also cannot target itself. A little bit more complicated: MST and Icarus Attack are specifically ruled so that they cannot target themself.

Can Mystical Space Typhoon negate a trap?

“Mystical Space Typhoon” and “Dust Tornado” do not negate the effects of cards they destroy. So Spell and Trap Cards that “Mystical Space Typhoon” is chained to may still resolve if they are in the Graveyard.

What happens if you cannot activate mystical space typhoon?

In general, if you cannot apply the card’s effect when activating a card, then you cannot activate it. Thus, if there are no cards on the field that can be destroyed, then you cannot activate ” Mystical Space Typhoon ” nor a Set ” Raigeki Break “. Also, when you activate ” Mystical Space Typhoon “, it cannot target itself.

What happens when mystical space Typhoon is chained to ancient forest?

Ancient Forest: If “ Mystical Space Typhoon ” is Chained to the activation of “ Ancient Forest ,” the Defense Position monsters are not changed to Attack Position because “ Ancient Forest ” is no longer face-up on the field.

Can you use mystical space typhoon on archfiend of gilfer?

Archfiend of Gilfer: If an ” Archfiend of Gilfer ” which is equipped to a monster is destroys by ” Mystical Space Typhoon ” during the Battle Step, then you can use its effect to equip it to another monster. However, ” Mystical Space Typhoon ” cannot be activated once you enter the Damage Step, so it cannot destroy ” Archfiend of Gilfer “.