Does Dr Swann betray Clark?

Does Dr Swann betray Clark?

Swann believing he’s betrayed him to Lionel. When Clark learned of Dr. Swann’s involvement with Lionel and confronted him, Dr. He was also able to divulge a new message that originated not from space, but from Earth: “I am waiting.” However, he tells Clark that he believes this message was not meant for him.

Who is Virgil Swann in Smallville?

Smallville (TV Series) Virgil Swann appeared in two episodes between Season two and Season three. He was played by the actor Christopher Reeve. He was later mentioned many timew during the series. Virgil Swann was a brilliant scientist dedicated to communicating with other planets.

Why does Dr Swann have the key?

anyhoo at the end of the episode, where Jonathan confronts Lionel in the caves, the key gets caught in the Perspex and creates what looks like a wormhole of sorts.. this results in the octagonal indentation being filled and Swann to be in possession of said key..

What episode is Christopher Reeves in Smallville?

“Rosetta” and “Legacy” marked Christopher Reeve’s final film appearance before his death. Music from the original Superman (1978) film can be heard during his scenes.

Who killed Bridgette Crosby?

Jason Teague
She was found by Jason Teague, who hacked into Lex’s e-mails and killed Dr. Crosby to get the Water Stone. Jason planted her body, half buried, in the ground.

Is Dr Swann good in Smallville?

Virgil Swann was a supporting character in the TV series Smallville. He was a brilliant and wealthy scientist dedicated to communicating with other planets and would play a key role in shaping Clark Kent’s destiny as Superman.

Why did they kill Jimmy Olsen in Smallville?

At San Diego Comic-Con 2009, the “Smallville” writers acknowledged they decided to kill off Jimmy and establish a new younger-than-Lois-and-Clark Jimmy more in line with the comics, which is still the Superman they hope to end up with when “Smallville” ends. No resurrection is planned for Ashmore’s character.

Did Christopher Reeve appear in Smallville?

In seasons 2 and 3, Smallville had what may have been its biggest guest star ever: Christopher Reeve. The iconic Superman actor appeared on Smallville as Dr. Virgil Swann, a billionaire astronomer who discovers Clark’s alien origins.

Why did Margot Kidder leave Smallville?

Kidder disagreed with what she felt was a “tacky” approach, as she believed the producers were being “exploitative” and using Reeve’s death to get publicity. After refusing to come back, the writers had to come up with a way to write off her character. Smallville did end up finding a way to deal with the death of Dr.

Is Christopher Reeve in Smallville?

Who killed Dr Swann?

Lionel Luthor
Virgil talks to Bridgette. In the universe where Clark never came to Earth, Dr. Swann was somehow killed by Lionel Luthor three years before Clark arrived. When Clark was wondering whether or not to return to his world, he remember how Dr.

How did Jimmy Olsen die?

He finally understood why Chloe was so secretive and protective of Clark, allowing Jimmy and Chloe to reconcile their relationship. However, the now-human Davis Bloome mortally stabbed Jimmy with a pipe out of anger at Chloe for being with him just to protect Clark.

Do Jimmy and Chloe get divorced?

Chloe did not wait long after their divorce to try starting a new relationship with Davis Bloome (Eternal), though she claimed it was done mostly to protect Clark; or to date Oliver Queen less than a year after Jimmy was killed (Warrior).

Did Christopher Reeve die during Smallville?

Christopher Reeve, who became famous for his portrayal of Clark Kent in the “Superman” films and died Oct. 10, has two lines on tonight’s “Smallville.” Both bits of dialogue, delivered in voiceover, were culled from Mr. At the beginning of tonight’s program, Clark will learn Swann has died.

Did Margot Kidder appear in Smallville?

Smallville landed one of its biggest guest stars with Margot Kidder, but the character was killed offscreen. Margot Kidder was certainly a huge hire, considering that she played Lois Lane in the classic Superman movies with Christopher Reeve (who appeared in seasons 2 and 3 of Smallville).

Why did Lex kill Patricia Swan?

As a child, Patricia played with Lex Luthor, Jason Teague and Oliver Queen, while their parents held their Veritas meetings. However, Patricia was murdered by her driver, under orders from Lex, who wanted a locket she wore.

Why did Lex have Patricia Swann killed?

Patricia Swann: After learning about Veritas, Lex had Swann murdered, to obtain a locket in her possession. Lionel Luthor: After his father refused to tell him the identity of the Traveler, Lex pushed him out of a window at LuthorCorp Plaza, sending Lionel falling to his death.

Why did they kill off Jimmy Olsen?

Fans expected a bigger role for Jimmy, but instead were shocked to see Jimmy killed off very suddenly. When it came to Jimmy, Snyder explained the decision was due to his broader plans for the franchise. Snyder described the action as dominoes falling, and they all had a ripple effect.

Why did Smallville kill off Jimmy Olsen?

Who does Chloe Sullivan marry?

the Oliver Queen
In the show’s final two seasons, Chloe finds love with the Oliver Queen, otherwise known as the costumed vigilante-archer Green Arrow, whom she eventually marries and has a son with.